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Harpur Students

Harpur Students

At Harpur College we strive to provide our students with a specialized liberal arts education to prepare them for a variety of careers.

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Harpur Faculty

Harpur Faculty

Harpur College is often recognized for excellence due to the expertise and dedication of our outstanding faculty and office staff.

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Harpur Faculty

Harpur Alumni

Harpur College alumni volunteer their time, talents and resources to help advance our mission and tradition of excellence.

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Faculty Research


Binghamton Scientist probes addiction at cellular level

Yao-Ying Ma, assistant professor of psychology seeks to understand how certain drugs change the brain.

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Departments & Programs

Departments & Programs

With 3 divisions, 26 departments and 14 degree programs – Harpur College offers students an outstanding liberal arts education in a leading-edge research-University environment.

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Harpur Edge

Harpur Edge Office

Get help connecting with successful alumni, important academic resources and specialized programs to help you take charge of your liberal arts education and prepare for your future.

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Student Resources

We strive to provide our students with support during their liberal arts education. Here you'll find info on; admissions, advising, commencement, Dean's List and more.

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Quick Facts

2016 Enrollment: 10,347
Undergraduate: 9,186 
Graduate: 1,161

2016 Most Popular Majors: 
Economics, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Integrative Neuroscience, English (Gen. Lit. & Rhet.), Mathematical Sciences, Political Science, Philosophy, Politics and Law, History and Environmental Studies.

Last Updated: 5/17/17