Academic Advising at Binghamton University

Academic advising at Binghamton University operates using a "dual advising model." That means that you will be advised by both professional academic advisors, and University faculty. Our roles are similar in the sense that we aim to support and guide students throughout their academic careers at Binghamton. That said, our areas of expertise and focus differ.

Advising Structure

Policies and Procedures

Harpur Advisors provide advice based on Harpur College and Binghamton University policy.  If at any time you experience difficulties in fulfilling a requirement or understanding an academic policy, feel free to consult with an academic advisor about your concerns.  We can explain policies and procedures in detail and provide you with an appropriate referral if necessary.

Services you can expect from Harpur Advising What does Harpur Advising expect from you?
  • Attention to your individual needs and goals
  • Seek advising whenever you need it and create a sustained, collaborative relationship with an academic advisor
  • General academic advising on policies and procedures, curricular offerings, and assessment
  • Come to appointments and walk-ins prepared.  Bring any questions and necessary information that you have
  • Up-to-date information via websites and handbooks
  • Plan ahead: think about your goals for the future
  • Transfer credit processing and evaluation
  • Understand that our decisions are determined by university policy
  • Degree audit (DARS or DegreeWorks) programming
  • Learn how to read & understand your Degree Audit Report
  • Pre-health, pre-law, and Individualized Major Program (IMP) advising
  • Use your major (and minor if applicable) department’s advising services
  • Workshops pertaining to advising and degree planning
  • Use the appropriate resources available to you on campus

Last Updated: 3/1/17