Mission Statement

Harpur College, like the individual, must constantly adjust to the world by changing its expectations, opportunities, requirements and procedures to meet the needs of its students. Therefore, in addition to providing accurate information and referrals, academic guidance and a setting in which students may clarify their thoughts and identify alternatives, the Harpur College Academic Advising Office stands ready to interpret change to students and to monitor its importance to them. Office staff offer an environment in which student questions are welcomed, in which nothing affecting a student's academic life is treated as routine, and in which a student can feel comfortable raising concerns about present and future progress.

Harpur Academic Advising strives to:

  • provide accurate academic and career information;
  • help students clarify their academic goals and career choices;
  • assist students in understanding University policies and procedures;
  • provide informational and planning tools to enable students to accomplish their goals;
  • work cooperatively with academic departments, faculty and student services offices to provide comprehensive advising information.


Last Updated: 3/1/17