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Academic Plan Example

An Example of an Academic Plan

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS—General Education courses completed, Harpur division and writing courses completed; major courses satisfied; electives (optional major, minor, etc.; minimum of 30 Harpur credits; overall minimum 126 credits; 2.0 GPA or better.


*Begin/complete gened courses

*Identify University resources

*Explore courses for a possible major

*Begin a portfolio of achievements & activities

*Strengthen oral and written communication & computer skills

*Learn to read the degree audit

*Build a personal support network

*Continue with gened

*Review 1st semester choices; reassess major/career direction

*Take courses in intended major

*Visit the Career Development Center

*Obtain departmental handouts for your advising folder

*Clarify personal goals & objectives

*Meet with a Harpur adviser to resolve questions

*Use Center for Academic Excellence, Discovery Center & Writing Center services

*Develop transferable job skills through work

*Take courses to move ahead or to catch up

*Review each year to make plans for the fall

*Visit graduate schools

*Look for internship experiences

*Develop a sense of the job market

*Identify ways to ‘refresh’ yourself


*Continue with gened

*Review choice of major

*Investigate career possibilities

*Participate in volunteer, internship, leadership and related activities

*Build a career/graduate school support network

*Consider 3/2 programs

*Confirm choice of major

*Identify a department ‘mentor’

*Explore research possibilities

*Consider optional majors or minors

*Build a resume

*Use the Career Development Center Alumni Career Network

*Examine graduate school programs

*Consider Study Abroad or National Student Exchange


*If pre-health or pre-law attend meetings & consult with this adviser

*Reassess choice of major

*Check progress in major and other requirements

*Discuss graduate school possibilities with faculty, advisers, and career counselors

*Update portfolio of achievements and experiences

*Take GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT exam

*Collect letters of recommendation

*Attend a Career Development Center workshop

*Build a file of recommendation letters in the Career Development Center

*Update your resume

*Complete pre-health course sequence

*Check departmental honors work


*Declare candidacy for graduation

* Prepare applications for graduate or professional school

*Learn job interview skills from the Career Development Center

*Review your graduation check

*Complete major & remaining credits

*Participate in Recognition & Commencement Ceremonies


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Last Updated: 6/3/15