General Education Requirements

All students at Binghamton University must complete General education requirements. General education courses provide students with a breath of knowledge and experience acrossing the liberal arts.

The General Education Requirements you must adhere to may vary depending on your entry date. The General Education Program at Binghamton University maintains a web page which will point you in the right direction, when attempting to determine which requirements you must follow.

To learn more about General Education at Binghamton University, use the resources below:

General Education at Binghamton
Visit the homepage for General Education, which links you to the requirements overall, year-specific requirements, a FAQ and general guidelines.

Planning Worksheets
Harpur advising has several planning worksheets available which will help you track your progress alongside the General Education Program's useful checklists.

Transferring General Education Courses
Harpur Advising guidelines for transferring courses. View this sheet if you have existing courses, or plan on taking new courses at other institutions.

BU Brain
Log in to the BU Brian to view your DARS report. DARS will give you an accounting of completed courses by breaking down your degree progress into requirement headings. Through DARS, you can track your General Education Progress along with your major progress.

Last Updated: 8/10/15