Harpur Requirements (Fall 02 and Later)

Harpur College, as the founding unit of Binghamton University, has the longest history of Binghamton University's schools. Harpur College offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. The broad educational focus offered in the College, also gives students the opportunity to take part interdisciplinary scholarship or develop degree programs designed around individual interests, strengths and goals.

Harpur College seeks to provide the best in liberal arts education, offering a strong and diverse academic program. Accordingly, Harpur students are held to high standards, and are encouraged to grow academically and personally through our Harpur Degree requirements. The coursework and study required of Harpur students is detailed here:

For Students Entering in Fall 2002 and Later:

Finish with at least a 2.0 grade point average.

A student must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average ("C") to earn a degree. The grade point average is based only on courses taken at Binghamton University and does not include courses transferred.

Complete the University General Education requirements.

Every Binghamton student must complete this set of university-wide requirements. Courses are designated in the schedule of classes with a series of letters indicating which General Education requirement they fulfill. View the requirements here.

Complete the Harpur College Upper Level, Residency and Writing requirements.

Harpur students must complete additional requirements designed by Harpur College of Arts and Sciences to complement and extend the general education requirements and further your liberal arts education.

Students Entering Fall 2002- Spring 2010

Students Entering Fall 2010- Later

Harpur Writing Requirement Harpur Writing Requirement
44 Upper-Level Credits (300+) 44 Upper-Level Credits (300+)
30 Credits in Harpur College required 44 Credits in Harpur College required

Complete 126 credit hours in total.

Harpur College students must successfully complete 126 credit hours or more in order to earn their degrees. Binghamton University awards 4-credit hours for most of its courses. In addition to Binghamton courses, the 126 credit hour total may include credits earned through courses taken at other institutions and transferred, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate coursework and other credits by exam.

Complete the requirements for a Harpur major.

Major requirements are designed by specific departments, and carry their own set of expectations and policies beyond the general University and College requirements.

Tracking Your Progress:

Degree requirements are tracked by the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). Matriculated Harpur College students can access their DARS report via the BU Brain.

For Students Entering Prior to Fall 2002:

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