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What is a double major (versus a double degree)?

A double major consists of simultaneously pursuing two majors in the same school (ie. Harpur College). You are required to complete both sets of major requirements in their entirety in addition to General Education and College requirements. Courses cross-listed in both major departments may count towards the requirements for both majors. A double major results in one degree with two majors noted on your academic transcript.

A double degree program consists of simultaneously pursuing degrees in two schools at Binghamton University (ie. CCPA & Harpur College). Double degree students must complete General Education requirements, both school's College requirements, both sets of major requirements and a minimum of 156 credits in order to graduate. A double degree results in two Bachelor's degrees; one from each school.

If you are interested in either a double major or double degree, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss your plans and goals.

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