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Can my International Baccalaureate experiences (HIB or IB) be used in Harpur College?

Binghamton University recognizes schools offering HIB programs and the students who earn IB diplomas as offering or having accomplished the most challenging comprehensive curriculum available. IB participation is recommended, taken into account and considered during the application process.

Binghamton University students may earn credit by exam for coursework completed in high school under the Higher International Baccalaureate Program. Credit is awarded only for Higher Level exams, with students scoring a 4 or 5 receiving 4 credits for a subject and students scoring a 6 or 7 receiving 8 credits for a subject.

SUNY General Education credit can be awarded for successfully completing Higher Level exams in five of the ten areas of competency. In addition the General Education requirement for foreign language may be satisfied by a score of 4-7 on the HIB or standard level exams.

Binghamton University needs to receive an official Higher International Baccalaureate transcript in order to evaluate credit. Higher International Baccalaureate courses and grades listed on a high school transcript are not acceptable for evaluation.

Students in the Diploma Program may receive up to 32 credits. To receive the full 32 credits, the following conditions must be met:

Diploma holders who meet these conditions receive credit for their individual exam scores plus additional liberal arts elective credit to total to 32 credits.

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