Decision Making

There are several resources you may choose to refer to when making your major decision. Whichever you choose, you may notice that the following principles are almost always at the heart of the matter. We encourage you to consider these steps, and thoroughly explore your options, interests and goals:

  • Know Yourself

    Take the time to fully consider your skills, your goals and your interests. Pursue elective coursework and General Education courses that intersect with your interests. Also, take part in extra-curricular campus activities that may relate to your interests. For example, you may join a language club, or take part in an academic student association.
  • Know Your Campus

    Explore the various resources which are the various programs, majors and minors which exist at Binghamton University. Visit an academic advisor, the Career Development Center and major departments.
  • Learn From Your Experience

    Assess and consider the information you gather. Take a look at the DARS program, and review degree requirements alongside your current and past coursework.
  • Consult, Consult, Consult

    When you are close to making your decision, use an advisor or trusted faculty member as a sounding board. We'll ask relevant questions, point out options, and give you some information about your potential degree plan.
  • Declare Your Major

    This is a major step.....but not the last one. Once you declare your major, you should continue to regularly consult with your faculty advisor or a trusted faculty member. Within a major, there are more decisions to be made about your potential focus, your degree track, or your degree concentration. Regular reassessment is a healthy academic trait.
  • Develop Skills and Refine Your Craft

    After you declare your major, you should continue to seek out and discover new opportunities at the University and beyond. Consider the internship opportunities available from the  CDC, speak with advisors about study abroad name only a few.

Additional Links and Resources

There are many resources and sites designed to help you when you are exploring majors. The following links have been recommended by students and faculty. You are advised to use any of these resources in concert with Binghamton University resources and advising. As always, we are available to help you move closer to deciding on a major.

Last Updated: 8/10/15