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Understanding Your Requirements

At Orientation, you learned about the various layers of requirements that exist at Binghamton University. This area is designed to help you explore those areas further, and seek clarification and up-to-date policy information regarding your requirements.

Considering the various paths to fulfillment, we realize the requirements can be confusing at times. If at any point you have questions about any of the materials covered during Orientation, or have specific requirement concerns, feel free to make an appointment to see an academic advisor. You can also contact us via the web.

The following resources address each of the requirement layers individually. 

Requirement Summary

#1: General Education Requirements
Learn more about the General Education Requirements, your pathways to fulfillment, and how your previous experiences may have an impact on them.

#2: Harpur College Requirements
The Harpur College requirements are specific to Harpur College students, and independent of the General Education Requirements. Learn more by clicking through this resource.

#3: Major Requirements
At the core of your education, you'll find your major requirements. Click here to learn about exploring and deciding on a major.

MORE: Orientation Handbook
Download the current academic year Orientation Handbook in PDF form for complete requirement and policy details.

Last Updated: 8/10/15