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Previous Experiences

Many students have prior experiences that can have an impact on their General Education requirements, and/or their major requirements. Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, your high school experiences or other college experiences can be helpful while completing requirements. For example, if you satisfactorily completed Advanced Placement exams, your scores may result in General Education requirement fulfillment and credit hours, and in some cases, specific course equivalencies. The following resources will help explain how your previous experiences apply to University requirements.

Advanced Placement
View AP equivalencies at the link above.

International Baccalaureate Information
SUNY General Education credit can be awarded for successfully completing Higher Level IB exams. Standard level exams can have an impact on your General Education Language requirements. Learn more by clicking on this resource.

Transfer Information
Stop by this area if you are transferring courses to Binghamton University, as a transfer student or freshman. Information about petitioning and some guidance concerning General Education Transfer criteria is also found here.

Last Updated: 8/10/15