First Year

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements were established to give you a broader set of experiences as you complete core requirements within your degree program. In addition to making you a well-rounded, globally aware student, these requirements are also very useful in major, career and interest exploration. You are encouraged to use them to your advantage, and sample from each requirement area. Undecided students can benefit incredibly from General Education, as it gives you the opportunity to explore, while at the same time completing University requirements. General Education also assists you in discovering, refining and exploring your co-curricular interests.

Your general education requirements are determined by the year you matriculated into Binghamton University and your student status (freshman/transfer).  Please visit the General Education website to determine your requirements.

Additional Resources:

General Education at Binghamton
Visit the homepage for General Education, which links you to the complete requirements, year-specific requirements, FAQ entries, and general guidelines.

Planning Worksheets
Harpur advising has several planning worksheets available which will help you track your progress alongside the General Education Program's useful checklists.

Transferring and Equating General Education Courses
Harpur Advising guidelines for transferring courses. View this sheet if you have existing courses, or plan on taking new courses at other institutions. If you have an existing course that you believe fulfills a General Education Requirement, click here to learn how to petition the course for an equivalency.

BU Brain
Log in to the BU Brain to view your DARS report. DARS will give you an accounting of completed courses by breaking down your degree progress into requirement headings. Through DARS, you can track your General Education Progress along with your major progress.

Last Updated: 8/10/15