Harpur Academic Advising Forms and Petitions

Welcome to the Harpur Academic Advising forms and petitions page.  This page allows you to easily access and complete important advising forms. Please read all instructions in their entirety before submitting the forms.  If you have any questions, please call the office at (607) 777-6305.

University-Wide Late Add and
Late Course Withdraw Form:
Submit on the BU Brain

Student Petition Request for Late Add or Late Course Withdrawal
Students who wish to add a course to their record after the add deadline or withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline, must complete the Late Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal Petition. The petition can be found on the BU Brain under the "Student" tab.  Please review the petition instructions page for complete instructions.

Late Course Withdrawal Petition Information (pdf)
Additional information about Harpur College's late course withdrawal petition can be found in this document.

Overload Request Form:
Submit Online 

Overload Request Form

Note: The Overload Request Form is for Harpur College undergraduate students requesting to enroll in additional credits beyond the semester 18 credit-hour limit. Overload requests can be submitted at the beginning of the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Requests are not accepted during pre-registration. Students may not overload during the winter and summer terms. Professional school students taking Harpur College courses must petition through the professional school's advising offices. Double degree students must petition to overload through their professional school's advising offices. 

Overload petition processing begins on the 5th day of each fall and spring semester. Petitions are reviewed in the order in which they are received and students are notified of the disposition of their request by email. Petitions are handled promptly, but because of large numbers of requests, some students may not receive a response until late in the add period.



General Academic Petition:
Submit to Harpur Academic Advising, AB G-18 

General Academic Petition (.pdf, 29kb)
This form is for Harpur College Undergraduate students:

  • to request a waiver of the Harpur College residency requirement
  • to request a Harpur writing course substitution (seniors only) *note: At least one C/J must be taken at Binghamton University
  • to request an extension of incomplete beyond the 18-month deadline
  • to request a change in Bulletin year


  • submit the complete General Academic Petition to the Harpur Advising Office, Academic Building B room 18 (AB-G18).
  • You must submit two copies of each petition.
  • Petitions should be complete and include relevant information and documentation.
  • If necessary, additional sheets may be attached to the petition form and/or personal information may be submitted in a sealed envelope. Any supporting documentation will be returned to you after the petition has been reviewed.


  • The outcome of your petition(s) will be sent to you via e-mail within 5 business days of submission.



Transfer Credit Petitions and
Degree Audit Help Desk Form

Transfer Credit Petition: MAJOR/MINOR REQUIREMENTS ONLY (.pdf)
Use this form for requests involving major or minor requirements only.  This petition is for future coursework to be taken at other universities or colleges. Transfer Credit petitions for major or minor requirements must be reviewed and signed by your major or minor department prior to submission in Harpur Academic Advising.

Use this online form to petition for the acceptance and/or application of future coursework to be taken at other institutions.


1. You must be a Harpur College student or pursuing a Harpur College minor. Professional school students taking Harpur College courses must petition through the professional school's advising offices.

2. Check the Binghamton University's Course to Course Equivalency site to see if the course appears. 

3. Please complete all relevant sections of the petition. Incomplete petitions will not be reviewed.

4. Please complete one petition for EACH course you wish to take.

You will receive an email indicating the result of your petition within 5 business days of submission.

Where are my transfer credits?

Use this online form to request acceptance of completed/past coursework from other colleges or universities.

  • You must be a currently enrolled Harpur College student to use this form
  • This form can only be used to request General Education, Harpur Writing or Elective credit
    • If you are seeking credit towards your major or minor requirements, you must work with the major or minor department (use the Transfer Credit Petition: MAJOR/MINOR REQUIREMENTS ONLY form above)
  • Please allow 4 weeks from the time you request a transcript from the other institution for the transcript to be received by Binghamton University



Harpur College Degree Audit Help Desk Form  

The Harpur College Degree Audit Help Desk allows you to quickly and easily submit your degree audit question to the Harpur College Degree Audit Coordinator.  Students requesting assistance for the following should complete this form:

  • You repeated a course to fulfill a major or minor requirement. The grade for the repeated course needs to appear on the BU Brain.
  • Major/minor course overlap: You completed a course that counts towards your major and Harpur College minor. The final grade needs to appear on the BU Brain.
Please note: students who entered Binghamton University fall 2013 and later use DegreeWorks as their degree audit program. Students who entered Binghamton University before fall 2013 use DARS as their degree audit program.

Please make sure to complete all of the required fields and use the menu options to select the appropriate exception.


Additional Forms & Resources

Please do not include your social security number on any electronic or print correspondence. 

AP Laboratory Science Requirement Form 
The Binghamton University General Education Laboratory (L) requirement may be satisfied by an Advanced Placement (AP) score of 3 or better in Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science only.  You must have received a passing grade in the corresponding high school course and have documentation of the laboratory activities in order for your request to be considered. 

Please use the form from the General Education website to obtain approval of laboratory activities from a Binghamton University faculty member from the respective department.  Complete Part 1 of the form and then contact the faculty member indicated on the form for more information on the type of documentation required to demonstrate laboratory activities.

Applications to Transfer to Another School
Submit these forms with stamped addressed envelopes to Harpur Academic Advising (AB-G18). Applications should be filled out completely and signed.  Please allow at least five days for processing.

Closed-Course Petitioning Procedures by Academic Department (.pdf)

Use this document to determine departmental procedures for petitioning into closed courses at the beginning of a semester.     

Letter of Good Standing Release Form (.pdf, 1mb)
Under the provisions of FERPA, Harpur College Academic Advising cannot discuss your student records with other persons or entities without your expressed consent. Some colleges/universities require letters of good standing from your home institution. In order to provide these letters, you must complete this form to permit us to release your records to the college/university.

Release of Student Information Form (.pdf) This form is to be used for the purposes of the Harpur Academic Advising Office only

Under the provisions of FERPA, Harpur College Academic Advising cannot discuss your student records with other persons or entities without your expressed consent. This form allows you to give consent to specified persons, for a specified amount of time. Use this form only when requested or necessary.                                                            

Semester/University Withdrawal Form (.pdf)
Use this form to withdraw from ALL classes for the current semester. Obtain any necessary signatures and submit the completed form to the Office of Financial Aid & Student Records (Admissions Center room 112) no later than the last day of classes.


Last Updated: 1/22/16