Resource Checklist / Directory

I'm struggling with health or wellness related issues.
  • Health Services offers a range of services and resources, including health education.
  • Located on the East Access Road, above Newing College (Parking Lot P) and across from College-In-The-Woods (Parking Lot O), the clinic is on the upper level of the Health Service building (607.777.2221)
  • Web: University Health Service and University Health Education
I'm struggling with personal, emotional or related issues.
  • Consider visiting the Counseling Center. The counseling center offers a range of services dedicated to supporting your well-being and your development.
  • Located in Old O'Connor Hall 264 (607-777-2772)
  • Web: University Counseling Center
I'm struggling with financial concerns.
  • Please visit a financial aid counselor in the Office of Financial Aid & Student Records. The office has walk-in times and counselor on call times on their website.
  • Located in the Admissions Center 112 (607.777.2428)
  • Web: Financial Aid Services
I’m not sure how to calculate my GPA. What do I need to do to raise my GPA?
  • Advisors are available to help you understand your GPA. We also have an easy-to-use GPA calculator designed to help you calculate potential GPA’s and estimate needed grades for your target GPA on our website. In addition, we have an in-depth explanation of GPA calculations.
  • Calculating the GPA
I need to improve my study habits. I need help developing a degree plan. I'm not sure what to major in! Who can help me?
  • Please see an academic advisor in the Harpur Academic Advising Office, or visit with your departmental advisor. We are here to assist you in setting, and reaching your goals.
  • If you are struggling with choosing a major, there are many directions you can take. First, you may visit with a Harpur advisor, we are here to help you understand how your course interests and your current direction fits into a major track. Also, you are encouraged to gather information from departmental advisors. Also, the Career Development Center has a variety of workshops and resources available to help you connect your career interests with a major.
I’m still feeling very overwhelmed and/or confused.
  • Please come see an academic advisor. We can connect you with campus resources, and help you understand your requirements and your options.


Last Updated: 3/18/16