University Resources

University Resources

We have a wealth of comprehensive resources available to you if you are struggling or facing academic difficulty. If you're not sure where to go, you can also view our resource checklist. As always, academic advisors are also available for consultation. We are able to refer to appropriate resources if needed.

  • Center for Learning & Teaching
    The purpose of the Center for Learning & Teaching is to aid in the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and study skills. The Center offers tutoring services for free in a broad range of undergraduate courses on both a by-appointment and walk-in basis.
  • Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center is committed to actively providing support and assistance in your pursuit of personal growth, including the strengthening of emotional, intellectual, behavioral, cultural, and spiritual development.
  • Discovery Centers and Discovery Programming
    Through the five Discovery Centers and the 25 Discovery Assistants, the program provides you with easy access to academic support and student-living services on campus. Discovery offers a series of helpful workshops, and supports study areas and academic programming within residence halls.
  • Health Services
    Health Services offers a range of services and resources, including health education. If you are struggling with health or wellness issues, you are encouraged to visit with campus health services.
  • Writing Center
    If you are struggling with writing, need to refine your writing skills, or are struggling with the process of writing, you are encouraged to visit the Campus Writing Center.
  • Financial Aid and Student Employment
    If you have financial concerns, or are seeking an on-campus job to help with your finances, you should consider visiting the Financial Aid and Student Employment Office. Counselors are available on a daily basis.
  • Career Development Center
    The CDC can help you connect your career goals with a major. Also, the CDC can connect you with valuable resources to help you visualize a career path.

Planning Resources

  • Academic Planning Example and Guidelines
    Our online sample plan, will give you a framework for tailoring your own long-term academic plan and approach.
  • Planning Worksheets
    Our planning worksheet may be helpful in planning out your schedule and your approach to requirement completion in Harpur College programs.
  • The Harpur Degree Requirements
    Be aware of the requirements which are in place for Harpur College students (in addition to General Education and your major).
  • Understanding your GPA
    This page helps you understand how GPA is calculated, what effects your GPA and provides you with calculators to help you strategize.

Academic Progress

It's important to understand the University's expectations and policies surrounding your academic progress. The College and the University tracks your progress, and provides some safety nets to help you become a successful student. If you find yourself on academic probation, please see an advisor. We are here to help you assess your skills and interests, assess your progress and visualize and actualize an appropriate academic and degree plan.


Last Updated: 3/18/16