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Dear Ashley,

I am a junior currently studying abroad in Italy through SUNY New Paltz. I am not sure how to transfer the credits back to Binghamton when I complete my coursework and I don’t know how I can use these courses to count towards general education and major requirements. I am also confused as to what I have to do to return as a full-time student at Binghamton in the Fall. I am concerned that I will not be able to register for the classes that I want.

Restless in Rome



Dear Restless,

There is no need to be restless. Transferring credit from a study abroad program to Binghamton is actually quite simple. You will need to complete a Transfer Credit Petition from our website to determine any Binghamton requirements that can be filled with your current courses. If you are planning to fulfill major requirements, your academic department must approve any course equivalencies. If you would like to fill general education, Harpur College requirements, or elective credits, Harpur Advising will review your petition and determine equivalencies.

If you are abroad for less than two consecutive semesters, you are still considered an active Binghamton University student. Therefore, you are able to pre-register for next semester’s classes. Fall 2010 registration for undergraduate students begins on Wednesday, April 7th and continues through April 23rd. You can view your time ticket on the BU Brain. There isn’t any additional paperwork that you have to do to return to Binghamton! Enjoy the rest of your study abroad experience!

Ask Ashley


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