Harpur College Fast-Track / 3-2 Programs

The following opportunities enable a student to complete an undergraduate degree and a masters degree in five years. You are strongly encouraged to visit the department or program offering the 3/2 opportunity for additional information as you are exploring these opportunities. Working collaboratively with program advisors will be essential to your success and entry into these programs.

  • Biological Sciences 3/2 Programs
    The program is designed for Binghamton University students who want to earn both a BA and Masters degrees in Biology in 5 years.
  • Economics Combined 5 Year Program
    The five-year program in economics and finance offers current majors the opportunity to enhance their training with masters-level courses in economics and in finance, completing both the BS in economics with a specialization in financial economics and the MA in economics with a concentration in economics and finance at Binghamton University in five years.
  • Geography Five Year BA/Master's Program
    The program is designed for exceptional Binghamton University students who want to combine a BA and master’s degree in five years. Students in the program receive a BA and a master’s at the end of the program.
  • Philosophy, Politics and Law 3/2 Program
    The Program in Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL) offers a limited number of exceptional PPL majors the opportunity to enroll in a 3/2 Master’s degree program. This combined degree allows PPL majors to graduate in five years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Law, and a Master of.Arts degree in Philosophy.
  • Romance Languages & Literature Five Year BA/MPA Program
    The Department of Romance Languages & Literatures and the College of Community and Public Affairs are pleased to offer a program leading to degrees in one of 3 languages plus a master’s degree in Public Administration. This combined degree program allows students to major in a romance language plus prepare for a career in the public or nonprofit sector. The graduate portion of the degree begins in the undergraduate’s senior year, then continues for the fifth year.
  • School of Management - Harpur College Fast-Track MBA Program
    Complete your Harpur College bachelors degree in conjunction with a School of Management Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.
  • Other Programs
    For these programs, you are advised to visit the department, or speak with admissions, for more information:

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Last Updated: 8/10/15