Harpur Hotline Offline

After years of providing alumni, faculty, staff and the community with Harpur-related news, Harpur Hotline will go offline. Harpur College will work closely with Alumni Connect to regularly highlight Harpur alumni, faculty, events and noteworthy Harpur information. And, as always, Harpur news bits can be found at Inside BU. Friends and Family submissions (e.g., publications, promotions, marriages, births, graduations, retirements) are still encouraged, and we ask that you send all submissions and photographs to alumni@binghamton.edu.

Thank you for your support and submissions over the years. We encourage you to continue to keep up-to-date with the breadth and depth of what continues to make Harpur what it is today – outstanding faculty, intelligent students and talented alumni. Please take time to visit the rest of the Harpur website, as each department provides valuable information regarding research, programs, curriculum, faculty and students.

Here are the past Harpur Hotline issues.