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Harpur College Recognition Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Commencement ceremonies and the Harpur College Recognition ceremonies?
Commencement is a University-wide event (actually, Harpur students attend one of two Commencement ceremonies) at which students wear their caps and gowns and degrees are conferred. The two Commencement ceremonies are identical (with the exception of the speakers), so Harpur students may choose one of these ceremonies to attend.

The Harpur College Recognition Ceremonies are three ceremonies, broken down by division, which focus on individually recognizing Harpur graduates by announcing their names as they cross the platform. Students do not wear caps and gowns to the recognition ceremonies. Students receiving Foundation Awards and departmental honors are also recognized individually during the recognition ceremonies.

Which recognition ceremony should I attend?
  • The 8:30 a.m. ceremony on Saturday. May 19, is for fine arts and humanities majors: Asian and Asian American studies, art History, studio art, cinema, music, theatre, Arabic, classics, Greek and Latin, comparative literature, English, German, Hebrew, Judaic studies, medieval and early modern studies, philosophy, PPL, French, Italian and Spanish
  • The 11 a.m. ceremony on Saturday, May 19, is for science and mathematics majors: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental studies, geology, mathematics, physics, psychobiology/integrative neuroscience and psychology
  • The 1:30 p.m. ceremony on Saturday, May 19, is for Social Sciences majors: anthropology, economics, geography, global and international affairs, history, Individualized Major Program, Latin American and Caribbean area studies, linguistics, political science and sociology

What should I wear to the Recognition Ceremony?
Appropriate dress is a jacket and tie for men and a dress or suit for women.

What time should I arrive?
Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your ceremony.

Can I sit with my family?
Harpur graduating students will have special seating on the floor of the Events Center. There will be signs directing you and your guests to the appropriate seating.

Do I need tickets for the Recognition Ceremony?
There are no tickets.

How many guests can I bring?
You may bring as many guests as you like.

Will I cross the platform and will my name be read?
Yes to both. Harpur students will receive a yellow name card when they pick up their cap and gown at the bookstore. Bring this card with you to the ceremony. You will hand this card to the reader as you approach the platform and your name will be read from it.

I just picked up my cap and gown. There was a yellow name card in it. What do I do with this card?
Bring this card with you to the ceremony. You will hand this card to the reader as you approach the stage and your name will be read from it.

Since I'm not attending Commencement and will not get a cap and gown, how do I get my yellow name card?
The University Bookstore will provide you with your name card even if you are not getting a cap and gown.

I am a double major. Should I attend two ceremonies?
If you have a major in more than one division, you may attend one or both ceremonies. However, be aware that the ceremonies are very similar.

I am a double major. Do I need two yellow name cards?
When you arrive at the Events Center, you may pick up a second yellow card at the name card table.

How do I RSVP for the Harpur Recognition Ceremony?
All students who have applied for graduation in May will receive a survey and RSVP form via their Binghamton email within two weeks of completing their Application for Degree. If you did not receive a form or you have questions, please email harpgrad@binghamton.edu.

Can I confirm I am a degree candidate?
You can confirm that you are a degree candidate by looking at your Academic Transcript at BUBrain. If you are not a degree candidate, you must file your Application for Degree. Log in to BU BRAIN at http://bubrain.binghamton.edu, go to the Student tab, scroll down and click on Spring 2011 Undergraduate Application for Degree.

If I petitioned to walk in Commencement, can I participate in the Harpur Recognition Ceremony?
If you are approved to walk in Commencement, you can participate in the Recognition Ceremony. If we receive your name by our printing deadline, your name will be listed in the Recognition Ceremony program. After your Petition to Walk has been approved, you will receive an e-mail from the Harpur Dean's Office with specific information about the ceremonies.

Where can I park for the Recognition Ceremony?
Parking is available in front of the Events Center and there are several lots surrounding the Events Center.

Last Updated: 6/3/15