Optimal wellness for the campus community through the implementation of cutting-edge approaches to holistic healthcare, disease prevention and health education.


To promote and support student wellness through treatment, prevention and education delivered in a caring atmosphere that respects the unique qualities of each individual.


  • Student-centered care — We’re committed to providing competent, confidential healthcare in a student-centered environment that is respectful, open, friendly and trusting.
  • Customer service — We’re committed to the efficient delivery of high-quality healthcare, consistently striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and community partners.
  • Education — We educate students on how to become independent healthcare consumers through wellness promotion and guidance on health issues.
  • Quality — We ensure students receive high-quality, accessible healthcare through accreditation, continual education and coordination of care with specialists and primary care providers.
  • Advocacy — We advocate, at all times and in all venues of the campus and community, for the physical, psychological, emotional and social health and well being of our students.
  • Team approach — We foster a collaborative environment that stresses open communication and consultation among all University Health Service team members, while also maintaining student confidentiality.

Last Updated: 7/25/14