The Red Zone Project

RedZone Project

Red Zone Project

Campus culture, social media, peer pressure, and new student vulnerability are topics we have seen covered in the news more now than ever. It is well documented when a student first arrives at college, it is significantly more likely they will experiment and feel the freedom associated with college life.


Because of this, it is crucial to provide adequate education and unique learning opportunities to help protect our students from what is widely known as the "red zone" on college campuses. This timeframe is typically the first few weeks of the academic year and primarily the first weekend of the semester.
This realization is why targeted programming is implemented across college campuses to educate students about the risks associated with alcohol/drug, drugs, sexual health, hazing, and bystander behavior. Our campus is no different.


Our program and campaign messages are targeted at freshmen students, international students, and traditional transfer students (under 24 yrs. old) who are newly exposed to campus culture. However, the campus community as a whole benefits from the Red Zone Project campaign.


National news headlines have been filled with college campus news surrounding sexual assault, binge drinking, prescription pill misuse, diversity and equity issues and drug use. More than ever, college campuses have been charged with the responsibility of decreasing the prevalence of these issues and this year, "Bearcats Don't Stand By" is our message at Binghamton University.


Sub-messages for this year's campaign are:

  1. Bearcats Don't Stand By... when someone doesn't get consent.
    1. Check-in if someone looks uncomfortable in a situation.
    2. Speak up when someone is coercing someone else into having sex.
    3. Intervene when someone is incapacitated and cannot give consent.
  2. Bearcats Don't Stand By....when someone is under the influence.
    1. Find help if someone has used too much alcohol/drugs.
    2. Intervene when someone is being pressured to keep consuming alcohol or using drugs.
    3. Address patterns of abuse and encourage peers to get help.
  3. Bearcats Don't Stand By...when someone hurts someone else.
    1. Know your rights as a victim.
    2. Address instances of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.
    3. Don't contribute to online bullying.
  4. Bearcats Don't Stand By...when someone wants to drive under the influence.
    1. Plan ahead to get home safely (taxi, bus, sober friend, etc.).
    2. Take the keys if they insist on driving.
    3. Arrange for transportation to get them home safely.
  5. Bearcats Don't Stand By....when someone uses hate speech.
    1. Speak out when you hear someone using oppressive language.
    2. Don't contribute to hurtful messaging online.
    3. Advocate for an inclusive community.
  6. Bearcats Don't Stand By....when someone needs support.
    1. Check-in on peers who you haven't seen in a while.
    2. Don't just overlook changes in behavior.
    3. Refer peers who you are worried about to appropriate on campus resources.

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Bearcats don't stand by when someone doesn't get consent

Bearcats don't stand by when someone is under the influence

Bearcats don't stand by when someone hurts someone else

Bearcats don't stand by when someone wants to drive under the influence

Bearcats don't stand by when someone uses hate speech

Bearcats don't stand by when someone needs support

Last Updated: 8/11/16