The Red Zone Project

RedZone Project

What's a new college student’s perception of what college is supposed to be like??? Parties; meeting new, exciting people; feeling comfortable; getting to know his or her way around; making friends ... feeling a part of the life at Binghamton.

YET THE FIRST FIVE DAYS OF COLLEGE LIFE ARE CONSIDERED THE MOST DANGEROUS FOR NEW STUDENTS – especially freshmen, international students and young transfer students. To help new students make safer choices as they chart their path to adulthood, Binghamton University has implemented the Red Zone Project.

Centered around “HAPPENINGS”, the Red Zone Project is part art, part performance and all about shaping perceptions and questioning high-risk behaviors involving alcohol, sexual assault and other violence.

When hundreds of students show up for a HAPPENING at the same spot, wearing the same t-shirt that carries the same be-safe message, others take notice. When these same students wear their t-shirts throughout the year, and through an ongoing poster campaign, the be-safe messages are sustained.

Your first weekend rocked with several HAPPENINGS! Keep it happening -- get involved in what’s going on! It's the talk of BU!

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Perception Drives Behavior -- Focus on the Bigger Picture
Perception drives behavior — focus on the bigger picture

The majority of Binghamton students rarely, if ever, drink.

Alcohol Poisoning -- There's a Call for That
Alcohol poisoning — there's a call for that

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