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Appelbaum, Nancy
Associate Professor, PhD, 1997, University of Wisconsin: Latin America, Colombia, Race, Gender.

Bailey, Anne C.
Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies, PhD, 1998, University of Pennsylvania: African-American, African, African Diaspora.

Brown, Howard G.
Professor, PhD, 1990, Oxford University: Early Modern Europe, France, Politicized Violence.

Camiscioli, Elisa
Associate Professor, PhD, 2000, University of Chicago: Modern France, Race and Gender History/Theory, Colonial Culture.

Casteen, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor, PhD, 2009, Northwestern University: Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

Chaffee, John
Distinguished Service Professor of History and Asian and Asian American Studies, PhD, 1979, University of Chicago: East Asia, Chinese Social History.

DeHaan, Heather
Associate Professor , PhD, 2005, University of Toronto: Russia and the Soviet Union, East Central Europe, Urban.

Dey, Arnab, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012, M.Phil., University of Delhi, 2004, Modern South Asia (India), Histories of Environment and Plantation Labor, Literature and History, British Empire

Fan, Fa-ti
Associate Professor, PhD, 1999, University of Wisconsin: East Asia, History of Science, Environmental History, Nation and Empire. 

Kansteiner, Wulf
Associate Professor, PhD, 1997, UCLA: Modern Germany, Holocaust Studies, Media History, Historiography.

Karp, Jonathan
Associate Professor of History and Judaic Studies, PhD, 2000, Columbia University: Jewish Economic and Cultural History, Christian-Jewish Relations.

Kutcher, Gerald J.
Professor, PhD, 1973, City University of New York (Physics); PhD, 2002, University of Cambridge (History and Philosophy of Science): History of Medicine, 20th-Century American Medical Research, Biomedical Ethics.

Mackenney, Richard S.
Professor, PhD, 1982, University of Cambridge: Italian Renaissance, Early Modern Venice, Shakespeare.

Norwood, Dael A.
Assistant Professor, PhD, 2012, Princeton University, 19th-century U. S., Politics, Culture, Capitalism, Foreign Relations

Ortiz, Stephen R.
Associate Professor, PhD, 2004, University of Florida: 20th Century U.S., Political History, War and Society, National Security.

Parkinson, Robert G.
Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Virginia, Early America

Quataert, Jean H.
Professor, PhD, 1974, UCLA: German History, Women's and Gender History, Comparative and Global History, Human Rights.

Schull, Kent F.
Associate Professor, PhD, 2007, UCLA, Ottoman History, Modern Middle East History, Crime & Punishment, Islamic Criminal Law, Muslims in North America & Europe.

Skopyk, Brad
Assistant Professor, PhD, 2010, York University, Colonial Latin America, Environmental History

Sommerville, Diane Miller
Associate Professor, PhD, 1995, Rutgers University: Early America, American South, Civil War & Reconstruction, Race, Class, Gender, Family.

Wall, Wendy
Associate Professor, PhD, 1998, Stanford University: 20th Century U.S., Cultural and Political History, the American West.

Wang, Yi
Assistant Professor, PhD, 2013, University of Chicago, Late Imperial China, Borderlands, Migration, Nationalism

Welland, Heather
Assistant Professor, PhD, 2011, University of Chicago: Early Modern Britain, British Empire, Atlantic World.

Wheeler, Leigh Ann
Professor, PhD, 1998, University of Minnesota: U. S. Women, Sexuality, Reform, Law, and the Grassroots of Public Policy

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Visiting Assistant Professors

Bailey,  J. Christian
Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD 2009, Yale University: Europe, Germany, Intellectual History, German-Jewish, History of Emotions.

Subrahmanyan, Arjun
Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD 2013, University of California-Berkeley: Southeast Asia, Thailand, 19th and 20th centuries, Intellectual, Political, Colonial Modernity

Sullivan, Benjamin M.
Visiting Assistant Professor, PhD 2011, University of California, Irvine, Ancient history (Greece, Rome, the Near East), organized violence in the premodern world, ancient religion, premodern state formation and sovereignty, archaeology and ancient history


Williams, Matthew

Joint Title Faculty

Arkush, Allan
Professor (Judaic Studies), PhD, 1988, Brandeis University: Modern Jewish Intellectual History.

Danon, Dina
Assistant Professor (Judaic Studies), B.A. University of Pennsylvania, PhD Stanford University: Sephardi Jewry and modern Jewish history.

Kim, Sonja
Assistant Professor (Asian and Asian American Studies), PhD, 2008, University of California, Los Angeles: Korean history, gender and empire in East Asia, history of medicine.

Laats, Adam
Assistant Professor (Graduate School of Education), PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison: History of American Education.

Marasigan, Cynthia
Assistant Professor (Asian and Asian American Studies), PhD, 2010, University of Michigan: U.S. Empire; the Philippines and Pacific; Asian American history.

Roth, Benita
Associate Professor (Sociology and Women's Studies), PhD, 1998, University of California, Los Angles: Gender, race/ethnicity and class in postwar social protest.

Tomich, Dale
Professor (Sociology), PhD, 1976, University of Wisconsin: Latin America and the Caribbean, World-Systems, Political Economy, Social Movements.

West, Michael
Professor (Sociology and Africana), PhD, 1990, Harvard University: African diaspora, Africa, Social.

Affiliated Faculty

Abou-El-Haj, Barbara
Art History: Medieval Art and Architecture.

Bartle Faculty

Dublin, Thomas
Distinguished Bartle Professor, PhD, 1975, Columbia University: U.S. Labor and Social History, Women.

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Emeritus Faculty

Abou-El-Haj, Rifa'at A.
Professor, PhD, 1963, Princeton University: Modern Near East, Europe, Arab, Ottoman, Historiography, Psychohistory.

Africa, Thomas W.  
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1959, UCLA: Ancient History, Greece and Rome.

Bix, Herbert
Professor (Joint with Sociology), Ph.D., Harvard University, 20th Century Japan, Japan-US Relations, Monarchical Studies

Dubofsky, Melvin
Distinguished Professor Emeritus , PhD, 1960, University of Rochester: U.S. Labor and Social History.

Elbert, Sarah
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1973, Cornell University: U.S. Cultural and Intellectual History, Women's History, 19th and 20th Centuries.

Kadish, Gerald E.
Distinguished Teaching Professor, PhD, 1964, University of Chicago: Ancient History, Egypt.

Kish Sklar, Kathryn
Distinguished Bartle Professor Ermeritus, PhD, 1969, University of Michigan: U.S. and Comparative Women's History, Public Culture.

Lopez, Adalberto
Associate Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1972, Harvard University: Hispanic America, Spain.

Muhammad, Akbar
Associate Professor, PhD, 1974, Edinburgh University: Africa, Islam.

Oggins, Robin S.
Associate Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1967, University of Chicago: Medieval History, England.

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