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Minor Requirements

The History minor is meant to encourage students to supplement their major in another discipline with a coherent program in history. Each student develops a program to satisfy the minor requirements in consultation with the department's advisors. The requirements are:

- A minimum of six history courses (24 credit hours)
- Of these, at least two must be taken at the 300- or 400-level. Of these two, at least one must be a 400-level course. This required 400-level course may not be taken under the pass/fail option, and it must be taken in residence.

Please note the following rules - these are IMPORTANT!
- No more than two introductory-level courses (i.e., no more than two 100-level courses)
- At least four of the courses in the student's minor must be taken at Binghamton.
- No more than one independent study (HIST 397).
- The history internships (HIST 395) cannot be counted toward the minor.
- Introductory courses (i.e. 100-level courses) taken during a student's junior or senior year do NOT count toward the minor.
- Only one course taken under the pass/fail option will be credit toward the minor.
- At least four of the courses in the History minor program must be in addition to History courses counted toward the fulfillment of the student's major.
- The History Department views the grade of D as passing but unsatisfactory. Courses passed with a grade of D do not fulfill the requirements for the minor.

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Last Updated: 9/5/12