About the HDEV Peer Advisor Internship:

HDEV Peer Advisor Internship provides the opportunity for junior and senior students in the
Human Development department to gain professional experience that complements and enhances
their academic coursework and professional interests, especially for students who are interested
in education or the helping professions.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Advise students on a walk-in basis in the assigned office
  • Assist the HDEV faculty and the general academic adviser, HDEV department chair, and the HDEV secretary
  • Help with course selection, scheduling, and late add/drop questions
  • Assist students in exploring internship opportunities
  • Offer referrals to various campus resources, both academic and non-academic
  • Help students learn to use b-mail, blackboard, and BU Brain
  • Know about room changes and canceled classes
  • Answer questions about University and CCPA policies
  • Distribute forms and other paperwork
  • Advise students about independent study opportunities
  • Help students understand DARS (degree audit) report
  • Talk with prospective students interested in transferring into CCPA
  • Attend various campus-wide events including but not limited to Orientation, Open House, and Schedule Fest

Internship Credits:

  • This is a two semester internship, and students will earn eight internship credits (four credits in the fall and four credits in the spring).
  • To get full credits, students have to spend seven hours in the peer advisors' office and attend required one-hour meeting every week.
  • In addition to the eight hours weekly time commitment, students must keep weekly journals and complete an academic research paper on a subject relevant to the internship experiences.

Required Qualification:

  • Enrolled as a full-time matriculated CCPA student and have earned at least 57 credits by the end of the Spring semester at BU
  • Strong academic record (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA) and be in a good standing with the university (*students with lower than 3.0 GPA might be taken into consideration)
  • No more than one incomplete grade on the transcript
  • Showing involvement in on-campus or off-campus extracurricular activities
  • Commitment to two semesters
  • Available for weekly training meeting (every Wednesday from 11am-12pm)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Have an interest in helping students, and socializing with students, parents, faculty and staff
  • Possess a positive and team-oriented attitude
  • Skilled in using BU Brain, reading DARS report, and utilizing other campus software
  • Able to attend the week long training on August (the week prior to the start of each fall semester)
  • Come to Peer Advising Office and talk to one of the peer advisers before submit the application

Listen to their Experiences:

"My overall experience as an HDEV Peer Adviser was quite positive. I learned a lot of facts about the major and the university, as well as skills in dealing with people, solving problems and making referrals."
– Chelsea L Reome (2011/2012 Peer Advisor)

"I love being a Peer Adviser for HDEV because it allows me to see the potential in HDEV students and how versatile they can be. Seeing them come in with their questions and new ideas is really inspiring and makes make feel as though we are growing as a department."
– Rachel A Wahba (2011/2012 Peer Advisor)

"Being a Peer Advisor has allowed me to gain leadership skills and confidence in myself that will be very beneficial for my future endeavors. I really enjoy working with Hdev students and listening to what they have to say."
- Amna N Mian (2011/2012 Peer Advisor)

To Apply:

Contact Donna Di Stefano:  ddistefa@binghamton.edu

Last Updated: 10/17/14