Course Schedule

The current schedule for courses in the Department of Human Development at Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs is available on BU Brain

Syllabi will not be distributed in class but can be accessed through Blackboard.
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CCPA Standard Syllabi Statements

Classroom Environment

The Faculty and Staff in the College of Community and Public Affairs are committed to serving all enrolled students. The intention is to create an intellectually stimulating, safe, and respectful class atmosphere. In return it is expected that each of you will honor and respect the opinions and feelings of others.


If you are a student with a disability and wish to request accommodations, please notify the instructor by the second week of class. You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 777-2686. Their office is in UU-119. The SSD office makes formal recommendations regarding necessary and appropriate accommodations based on specifically diagnosed disabilities. Information regarding disabilities is treated in a confidential manner.

Academic Honesty

"All members of the university community have the responsibility to maintain and foster a condition and an atmosphere of academic integrity. Specifically, this requires that all classroom, laboratory, and written work for which a person claims credit is in fact that person's own work." The annual university Student Handbook publication has detailed information on academic integrity.

Binghamton University has obtained a license with to facilitate faculty review for potential plagiarism of papers and projects in their courses, which they are encouraged to do.

"Students assume responsibility of the content and integrity of the academic work they submit. Students are in violation of academic honesty if they incorporate into their written or oral reports any unacknowledged published or unpublished or oral material from the work of another (plagiarism); or if they use, request, or give unauthorized assistance in any academic work (cheating)." (CCPA Academic Honesty Policies)

Neither plagiarism nor cheating will be tolerated in this class. Incidents of either will result in a failing grade for the assignment in question, which will most likely have a negative effect on the final grade. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating, PLEASE ASK THE FACULTY!

See the BU Brain for classroom location information.

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