Why Major in Human Development?

Students interested in careers working with people, communities and organizations to solve complex social problems such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, victimization, equity and justice will find what they're looking for here.

The Department of Human Development provides:

  • a flexible curriculum allowing students to design plans of study to meet their educational objectives
  • cooperative learning experiences
  • an emphasis on application of theory into practice
  • career orientation in public and private sectors and in human service agencies
  • internship opportunities in local community agencies
  • independent-study opportunities for learning experiences not available in the classroom
  • a core of senior students as peer advisers
  • a flexible transfer credit policy allowing maximization of transfer credit

Our students:

  • praise the learner-centered atmosphere and group interaction in classes
  • make valuable and lasting connections with faculty, staff and other students
  • are well prepared for graduate school programs
  • find jobs in human service agencies and a variety of other work settings

Our faculty and staff:

  • are student-centered and helpful to students with unique needs
  • are committed to advising and being available to students
  • have professional work experience in their field of expertise
  • have national recognition for their research

Graduates in Human Development work:

  • as case managers in human service agencies
  • in hospitals and long-term health care facilities
  • in university, college and community college settings
  • within the criminal justice system
  • with children and families in a variety of settings

Last Updated: 10/10/14