Undergraduate Academic Policies

The College of Community and Public Affairs and its departments generally follow the academic policies contained in the Binghamton University Bulletin.

For information on the following policies that pertain to Human Development undergraduate students, see the Binghamton University Bulletin, Undergraduate Academic Policies.

  • Academic Standing
  • Dean's List
  • Final Examinations
  • Financial Aid
  • Grade Changes
  • Grade Policies
  • Grading System
  • Graduation with Honors
  • Notation of an Incomplete
  • Program Load and Planning
  • Repeating Courses
  • Withdrawal from a course
  • Withdrawal and Readmission

Credit by Examination

A maximum of 30 credits may be granted for credit by examination.

Life Experience Credit

Students may receive up to 8 credits for academically oriented life experience. For additional information click here (.pdf, 68kb).

Grievance Procedure

See your faculty adviser, the CCPA academic adviser or your department chair if you have a concern you have not been able to resolve regarding your academic program or particular courses/professors. For more information, see Grievance Procedures (CCPA By-Laws, Page 12).

Last Updated: 10/17/14