The makings of a meaningful career

Our major in Human Development focuses on meeting the educational needs of people interested in:

  • children, youth, and families
  • community organizations, leadership, and advocacy
  • social justice
  • public/non-profit service
  • immigration studies and the ever-expanding connections between local and global realities

Our courses challenge students to think about what it means to "walk a mile" in someone else's shoes, to learn how to communicate with people from many different backgrounds, to develop professional and organizational skills, and to explore opportunities to put their knowledge into practice through service-learning experiences in the community.

Our faculty combine academic and professional strengths in human development and services in a variety of contexts involving education, counseling, health, and working with the community.


Michelle Benedett

HDEV Major and Recipient of the 2012 Dean's Scholarship for Academic Excellence

I chose to come to Binghamton because of the Human Development program. The programs I applied to at other schools were all psychology. When I was accepted to all of them, I decided that the Human Development major was a big bonus for someone looking to help people with their career. My classes have brought to my attention a lot of social justice issues and careers that I would never have even thought of. I love it!

Living public service

If you share an enthusiasm for public
service, and who want to make a difference through your volunteer activities, consider Hinman College, and specifically the new Public Service Learning Community (LC) in Hughes Hall. This Public Service LC is one component of some exciting new partnerships being developed between CCPA and Hinman College. 

Last Updated: 10/10/14