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Accident Reports

Corinna Kruman


Accrual Records - Classified Tom Petersen 607-777-2122
Accrual Records - Faculty Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
Accrual Records - Management Confidential Kathryn Hastings 607-777-2187
Accrual Records - Professional Kathy Gallagher 607-777-4885
Address Changes Your Department's smart form user  
Beneficiaries Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Bereavement Leave See "Accrual Records" contact  
BU Photo ID Cards (new or replacement) Sarah Wolf 607-777-6977
BU Photo ID Cards - Problems Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Change of Status - Benefits Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Change of Status - Employment See "Employment" contact  
Civil Service Exam Announcements Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Civil Service Lists Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Classified Service (Civil Service) Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Compensation Policies Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Dental Insurance Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Disability, Long-Term or Short-Term See "Employment" contact  
Direct Deposit Jena Pasquale 607-777-5327
Disciplinary Action Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Employee Issues Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Employee Relations Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
  Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Employment-Classified Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Employment-Graduate/Teaching Assistant Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Laura Murphy 607-777-4185
Employment-Faculty Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
  Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
  Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Laura Murphy 607-777-4185
Employment-Federal College Work Study Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Employment-Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
  Kathy Gallagher 607-777-4885
Employment-Student Assistant Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Afton Fahey 607-777-5344
Employment Verification Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Extra Service Laura Murphy 607-777-4185
Fair Labor Standards Act Joe Schultz 607-777-2187
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Faculty Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Classified Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Freedom of Information (FOIL) Requests Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Garnishments Cheryl Robinson-Boyett 607-777-2129
General Inquiries Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
  Kate Hastings 607-777-2187
Health Insurance Deductions and Adjustments Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Immigration Kim Avery 607-777-6953
Insurance Claims Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Interviews Arranged by the hiring department  
Job Descriptions See "Employment" contact  
Job Evaluations - Classified Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Job Evaluations - Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Jury Duty See "Accrual Records"  
Kronos Timekeeping Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-2129
  Allison Johnson 607-777-2193
  Cheryl Robinson-Boyett 607-777-4939
Leave Donation Program (Classified) Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Leave Donation Program (Professional) Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Leave of Absence (Faculty) Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
Leave of Absence (Professional) Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Leave of Absence (Classified) Sara DeClemete-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Listserv(s) Addition or Removal (HR related) Vicki Metritikas 607-777-4463
  Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
Long-Term Care Insurance Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Lost Time Cheryl Robinson-Boyett 607-777-2129
Mailing Label Requests Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
  Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Medical Insurance Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Military Leave See "Employment" contact 607-777-2187
National Medical Support Orders (NMSO) Kim Avery 607-777-6953
New Hire Rates See "Salary Schedules"  
New Hire Orientation Sessions Christine Koban 607-777-4850
New Hire Orientation Sessions - Professional Luanne DiRico 607-777-6950
New Hire Employment Paperwork Paula Weingartner 607-777-5333 
Notary Services See Campus Directory  
Online Time and Attendance-Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Faculty Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Orientation - Benefits Luanne DiRico 607-777-6950
  Christine Koban 607-777-4850
Overtime, OT Meals Sara DeClemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Payroll - Faculty and Staff Cheryl Robinson-Boyett 607-777-2129
Payroll - Federal College Work Study Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Rose McNierney 607-777-6284
  Afton Fahey 607-777-5344
Payroll - Graduate and Teaching Assistant Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Laura Murphy 607-777-4185
Payroll - Student Assistant Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Afton Fahey 607-777-5344
Pension Plans Kim Avery 607-777-6953
Performance Appraisals See "Employment" contact  
Performance Problems Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Personal Leave (Classified Only) Tom Petersen 607-777-2122
Personnel File Review Kate Hastings 607-777-2187
Policy Interpretation or Change Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Position Request Form-Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Position Request Form-Classified Sara Declemente-Hammoud 607-777-4939
Position Request Form-Faculty Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
  Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
Performance Problem Review Procedure Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Promotional Opportunities (Professional Staff) Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
Report Requests Vicki Metritikas 607-777-4463
  Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
  Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Retirement System, Retirement Deductions Kim Avery 607-777-6953
Retiree Services Corinna Kruman 607-777-5959
Salary Schedules See "Salary Schedules"  
Sick Leave - Classified Tom Petersen 607-777-2122
Sick Leave - Faculty Bonnie Jenson 607-777-6613
Sick Leave - Professional Kathy Gallagher 607-777-4885
Sick Leave - Management Confidential Kathryn Hastings 607-777-2187
HR Forms- Troubleshooting Jessica Larson 607-777-3624
  Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
  Vicki Metritikas 607-777-4463
Supplemental Retirement Account Deductions Kim Avery 607-777-6953
Student Employment Opportunities See Financial Aid Office website 607-777-2428
Tax Treaty Inquiries Frederick Bucalos 607-777-4884
Termination of Employment (Involuntary) Joseph Schultz 607-777-2187
Termination of Employment (Resignation) See "Employment" contact  
TIAA/CREF Retirement Plan Kim Avery 607-777-6953
Time Cards and Time Sheets See "Accrual Records" contact  
Training and Staff Development See "University Center for
Training and Development"
Transfers See "Employment" contact  
Tuition Waiver Program Luanne DiRico 607-777-6950
Typing Tests Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Unemployment Services Insurance Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
UUP Space Available Program Luanne DiRico 607-777-6950
Vacancy Announcements - Classified Karen Kocan 607-777-2042
Vacancy Announcements - Professional Alison Gierlach 607-777-6625
  Luanne DiRico 607-777-6950
Vacation Pay, Vacation Lump Sums Cheryl Robinson-Boyett 607-777-2129
Visas (Foreign National/International) Kim Avery 607-777-6953
W-2 Replacement Jena Pasquale 607-777-5327
Waivers (for Positions/Vacancies) to Post See Office of Diversion, Equity & Inclusion website 607-777-4775
Webmaster (HR Site) Jonathan Roma 607-777-3321
Withholding Certificates Jena Pasquale 607-777-5327
Workers' Compensation Corinna Kruman 607-777-5959

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