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General Requirements

Employees must complete all student requirements to be registered. We suggest that you contact the appropriate admissions office of the school you wish to attend. If you plan on attending Binghamton University you should contact either Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies to begin this process.

New York State residency information will be required at the Student Accounts Office (607) 777-2702. Please review the residency information/requirements on the following website:

University Health Service
If you were born on or after January 1, 1957, you will be required to provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). In addition, all students must verify having received information on meningitis and indicate whether or not meningitis vaccine has been received. These requirements are mandated by NYS Public Health Law; students must fulfill them in order to be eligible to register for classes. For more information visit the University Health Service website at: or call (607) 777-2221.

Student Code of Conduct
Prior to registration you will need to acknowledge the "Student Code of Conduct."

Important Notice Regarding Educational Assistance

The Office of the University Controller has advised that under current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, employer educational assistance plans are taxable under the conditions listed below, whether payments are made to the employee or to an educational institution on behalf of an employee.  Tuition waiver assistance is included in the category of payment to an educational institution on behalf of an employee.

Payments to an employee taking graduate or undergraduate level courses are eligible for exclusion from taxable income, up to $5,250 in a calendar year.  Any excess over $5,250 is taxable.  The $5,250 exclusion applies even if the education is not job-related.

For details on educational assistance tax information:  click here

Also Note:

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Employee Tuition Assistance

Employees interested in applying for tuition assistance can obtain information and/or applications by:

All the usual academic rules regarding enrollments, prerequisites, grading, and degree requirements remain in effect.

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The UUP Space Available Program

The Space Available Program, for employees represented by UUP, covers tuition for one course during each semester taken at a SUNY operated campus. Only credit-bearing courses taken at the Binghamton University or other state-operated SUNY campuses are covered.  Non-credit courses, courses taken at community colleges, and course audits are not covered.

Applications are approved for those courses which are not filled with tuition-paying students.

An applicant must register for the course through the usual student registration procedures.  At the same time, employees should submit their Space Available forms to Human Resources. 

In some departments and programs, it is important to check with the department before classes begin, indicating your interest in taking a class on a space available basis.

DEADLINE:  Space Available applications should be submitted to Human Resources as soon as possible (we recommend 30 days prior to start of classes) and no later than the end of the first week of classes.

Employee must complete an application for each semester.

To submit a UUP Space Available Application:

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The State University Tuition Waiver Program (B140W Application)

The Tuition Waiver Program is available to University and Research Foundation employees. The percentage of tuition waived depends on the applicant's full-time employment status, the degree to which the course is job related, and the amount of available funding. Employees must be expected to be on the payroll for the duration of the course taken. This program pays for up to two credits per semester for credit courses at a SUNY operated campus, dependent on available funding. This does not include courses taken at community colleges, non-credit courses, or course audits. Any course for which a waiver is received must be satisfactorily completed; otherwise, the waiver is withdrawn and the individual is responsible for the full tuition cost.

DEADLINE:  Applications should be submitted to Human Resources in advance, and no later than the end of the first week of classes. Waiver applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list and approved only if funding is available.

Employee must complete an application for each semester.

HOW DO I APPLY?  Employees interested in applying for Tuition Waiver can:

State University Tuition Waiver Program Application & Instructions (B-140)

NOTE:  The Office of Human Resources is generally notified in the Fall regarding the status of SUNY Tuition Waiver allocation for Binghamton University.   There is no guarantee funding will be available.

As an example, applications for courses taken in Summer 2014 will be considered part of tentative 2014 - 2015 funding. 

To avoid late fee charges, it is recommended to pay your tuition and fees by their due date.  Once Human Resources is notified about possible funding, registrants will be contacted by our office regarding the status of their B140 tuition waiver application. 

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The NYS & CSEA Partnership (formerly LEAP)

Employees represented by CSEA may qualify for either the tuition voucher program or tuition reimbursement program benefits, depending upon the educational institution.

You can obtain further information and forms by visiting their website at or calling the Partnership at 1-800-253-4332, Option 2.

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Online Courses

The Management/Confidential (M/C) online courses are offered for entire statewide M/C workforce through our own Continuing Education group at no charge to employees. These course offerings meet a wide variety of professional and personal development needs. For additional information and to register please follow this link:

MC Certification and Licensure Exam Fee Reimbursement Program

The Certification and Licensure Exam Fee Reimbursement Program reimburses eligible M/C employees up to $600 for certification and licensure examinations.  Visit

MC Tuition Reimbursement Program

Management Confidential employees are eligible to apply for the NYS Tuition Waiver Program described above.  

For additional programs that may be eligible for assistance please visit:

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