Bargaining Units


Under the Public Employees Fair Employment Act (Taylor Law), employees within the State of New York and State University have been separated into various "bargaining units" by the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) for the purpose of collective bargaining. PERB serves as the adjudicating body in cases of disputes between the State and the unions representing public employees and decides claims of improper practice and representation. Each bargaining unit is made up of titles which, in the view of the Board, share a "community of interest" with respect to terms and conditions of employment.

Binghamton University employees are represented by a bargaining unit or designated as management/confidential. The following is a brief description of each of the bargaining units and the management/confidential group:


Bargaining Units

CSEA - Civil Service Employees Association

Administrative Services Unit (ASU-02)

The ASU is composed primarily of office support staff and administrative personnel (e.g., keyboard specialists, clerks, and computer operators). Employees in the ASU are represented by the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), AFSCME, AFL CIO.

Operational Services Unit (OSU-03)

The OSU, also represented by CSEA, includes craft workers, maintenance and repair personnel and machine operators (e.g., maintenance assistants, cleaners, and highway maintenance workers).

Institutional Services Unit (ISU-04)

On our campus ISU is composed primarily of employees who are licensed practical nurses.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Unit (PS&T-05)

The PS&T unit is composed primarily of professional and technical personnel. On our campus, the PS&T unit includes titles such as nurse, nurse practitioner, supervising computer operator, laboratory equipment designer, payroll examiner 3, and is represented by the Public Employees Federation (PEF), AFL CIO.

Security Services Unit (SSU-01)

The Security Services Unit, represented by New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA) includes state security personnel (other than State Police) and institution safety officers. SSU-01 arbitration eligible titles are Correction Officer, Correction Officer Trainee, Correction Sergeant, Community Correctional Center Assistant and Institution Safety Officer. Non-arbitration eligible security titles within the unit are designated SSU-21 for salary and benefit purposes and include Security Hospital Treatment Assistant, Safety and Security Officer, Security Services Assistant, Security Officer, and Campus Public Safety Officer.

Security Supervisors Unit - (SSPU-61)

The Security Supervisors Unit, represented by Council 82, AFSCME, AFL CIO, is composed of supervisory security personnel. SSPU-61 arbitration eligible titles are the non-police title of Correction Lieutenant, and police titles of Sergeant Park Patrol, Lieutenant Park Patrol, Captain Park Patrol, Chief Environmental Conservation Officer, and Environmental Conservation Investigator 3. Non-arbitration eligible security titles within the unit that are designated as SSPU-91 for salary and benefit purposes include Chief Safety and Security Officer, Chief Security Officer, Security Services Assistant and Forest Ranger 3.

Agency Law Enforcement Services Unit - (ALES-31)

The Agency Law Enforcement Services Unit, represented by Council 82, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, is composed of certain personnel who have police duties and responsibilities and are employed in the Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the State University of New York. The arbitration eligible titles are Environmental Conservation Officer, Environmental Conservation Officer Trainee 1 and 2, Supervising Environmental Conservation Officer, Environmental Conservation Investigator 1 and 2, Park Patrol Officer and Trainee, University Police Officer 1 and 2, University Police Investigator 1 and 2, and Forest Ranger 1 and 2.

Professional Services Negotiating Unit (PSNU-08)

The Professional Services Negotiating Unit is represented by United University Professions (UUP) and includes faculty and non-teaching professional staff within the State University system.

Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU-28)

Part-time employees in this bargaining unit represented by the Graduate Student Employees Union/Communication Workers of America (GSEU/CWA) are teaching assistants and graduate student assistants who are pursuing master's or doctoral degrees at SUNY campuses. Most of them are employed at the four State University Centers (State University of New York at Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo and Stony Brook). These part-time employees assist SUNY faculty and administrators in a variety of teaching, research, and administrative activities.

Management/Confidential Group - (M/C)

These employees have been designated managerial or confidential by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and are not members of a negotiating unit. M/C employees formulate policy, assist directly in the conduct or preparation of negotiations, or assist in a confidential capacity those employees who have employee relations responsibilities.

Last Updated: 1/28/15