IASH FELLOWS 2015-2016

Faculty Fellows

Karen-edis Barzman
Art History, Spring 2016
Political Geography and the Mapping of Borders: A Genealogy
E-mail: kbarzman@binghamton.edu

Sandra Casanova-Vizcaino
Romance Languages, Spanish, Fall 2015
"The Killer Among Us": Serial Killing in Contemporary Puerto Rican Narrative"
E-mail: casanova@binghamton.edu


Robyn Cope
Romance Languages, French, Fall 2015
"The Forbidden Fruit: Creoleness in Lakshmi Persaud's Butterfly in the Wind and Sastra
E-mail: rcope@binghamton.edu


Omid Ghaemmaghami
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Spring 2016
From the Sectarian Milieu: Confession, Contention, and the Birth of the
Twelver Shīʿī Islam
E-mail: omid@binghamton.edu


Praseeda Gopinath
English, Fall 2015
"I am a feeling you can't resist": Shah Rukh Khan and re-scripting Male Stardom
E-mail: gopinath@binghamton.edu


Kevin Hatch
Art History, Fall 2015
"Being Gone": Chris Burden's B.C. Mexico (1973)
E-mail: khatch@binghamton.edu


Jonathan Karp
History and Judaic Studies, Spring 2016
Chosen Surrogates: A Class and Cultural Analysis of black-Jewish Relations in Twentieth-Century America


Sonja Kim
Asian and Asian-American Studies, Spring 2016
The Birth of the Tomangmin (土幕民): Affect, Science, and Medicine in Management of the Urban Poor in 1930s and 1940s Korea
E-mail: skim@binghamton.edu


Wendy Wall
History, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
"A Gauge of Our Faithfulness': Religion and the Politics of Immigration Reform"
E-mail: wwall@binghamton.edu


Michael Weintraub
Political Science, Spring 2016
The Causes and Consequences of Militia Mobilization
E-mail: mweintra@binghamton.edu


Mary Youssef
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Fall 2015
"Re-imagining Migration and Gender in Miral al-Tahawi's Brooklyn Heights and ᶜAlaᵓ al-Aswani's Chicago."
E-mail: myoussef@binghamton.edu










Graduate Fellows

Michael Cangemi
History, Fall 2015
"'We Cannot Distort History, nor Should we Silence the Truth': Catholicism and Transnational Human Rights Movements in Guatemala, 1968-1996"
E-mail: mcangem1@binghamton.edu


Samantha Fox
Sociology, Fall 2015
"A Space to Develop: Mining and Indigenous Institution Building as Anti-Systemic Praxis in Guatemala"
E-mail: sfox2@binghamton.edu


Rania Said
Comparative Literature, Spring 2016
Experiencing the City in Arab Women Life Narratives: Prison Memories, Travel
Writings, and Testimonials
E-mail: rsaid1@binghamton.edu


Gary Santillanes
Philosophy: SPEL, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
"Progress and Moral Relativism"
E-mail: gsantil1@binghamton.edu


Hande Sarikuzu
Anthropology, Spring 2016
Community Justice and Regional Development in Post-Conflict Treansition to Peace in Turkey
E-mail: hsariku1@binghamton.edu



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