IASH Fellows' Speaker Series for the Fall 2015 Semester

The speaker series will begin Wednesday Sept 2, 2015 for a meet and greet in the IASH Conference Room (LN 1106).



Sandra Casanova-Vizcaino

Romance Languages, Spanish, Fall 2015

"Serial Wanderer: Killers and Monsters in San Juan"

E-mail: casanova@binghamton.edu


Robyn Cope

Romance Languages, French, Fall 2015

"Recipes for Power: Food and Fiction in the Caribbean"

E-mail: rcope@binghamton.edu


Praseeda Gopinath

English, Fall 2015

"The Quintessential Indian: Masculinities, the Middle Class, and "India""

E-mail: gopinath@binghamton.edu


Kevin Hatch

Art History, Fall 2015

"O Mexico/My Own: American Artists Encounter Mexico 1955-1975"

E-mail: khatch@binghamton.edu


Wendy Wall

History, Fall 2015

"To Wage the Peace": The Cold War Politics of Immigration Reform."

E-mail: wwall@binghamton.edu


Mary Youssef

Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Fall 2015

"Heart Deserts: Memory and Myth between Life and Death in Manafi al-Rabb and al-Khibaᵓ"

E-mail: myoussef@binghamton.edu


Graduate Students

Michael Cangemi

History, Fall 2015

"We Seek Justice, Not Revenge": Catholicism and Transnational Human Rights Movements in Guatemala, 1968‐1996

E-mail: mcangem1@binghamton.edu


Samantha Fox

Sociology, Fall 2015

Hasta la Victoria! Mega Development and the Challenge of Recreating Indigenous Autonomy in Guatemala's Highlands

E-mail: sfox2@binghamton.edu


Gary Santillanes

Philosophy: SPEL, Fll 2015

No Progress for Relativists

E-mail: gsantil1@binghamton.edu

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