IASH FELLOWS 2014-2015

Faculty Fellows

Ana Candela
Sociology, Fall 2014 
"The Coolie Specter: A Ghost of Primitive Accumulations Past, Present and Futures"
Email: acandela@binghamton.edu

John Cheng
Asian and Asian American Studies, Spring 2015 
"Barred Zones: Asia/Pacific/America and the Geographic Logic of Racial Modernity"
Email: jcheng@binghamton.edu

Tina Chronopoulos
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Fall 2014
"Ganymede in the Twelfth-century Classroom: Two Odes by Horace"
Email: tchronop@binghamton.edu

Sidney Dement 
German and Russian Studies, Spring 2015
"Pushkin is our Everything: Delimiting the Referentiality of the Monument in Tatyana Tolstaya's Slynx"
Email: sdement@binghamton.edu

Doug Holmes
Anthropology, Fall 2014 
"Public Currency: The Making of a Monetary Regime in Times of Crisis"
Email: dholmes@binghamton.edu

Drew Massey 
Music, Fall 2014
"Thomas Adès: A Portrait in Eight Essays"
Email: dmassey@binghamton.edu

Mathew McConn
School of Education, Spring 2015
"History of Literary Appreciation"
Email: mmconn@binghamton.edu

Jason Moore
Sociology, Spring 2015
"Cheap Natures, Bad Money, and the Origins of 21st Century Crisis: The Financialization of Nature over the Longue Durée, 1557-2015"
Email: jwmoore@binghamton.edu

Jay Newberry 
Geography, Fall 2014
"Secondary Migration of Contemporary African Refugees in New York"
Email: jnewber@binghamton.edu

Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit 
Comparative Literature, Fall 2014
"Going Far"
Email: zppetit@binghamton.edu

Anthony Reeves
Philosophy, Spring 2015
"A Standard of Care for Human Rights"
Email: areeves@binghamton.edu

John Starks
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Spring 2015
"Lysioidia: 'Transgendering' Actresses/Actors in Hellenistic Greek and Roman Theater"
Email: jstarks@binghamton.edu

Jennifer Stoever
English, Spring 2015
To Be Announced
Email: jstoever@binghamton.edu

Mary Youssef
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Fall 2014
"Historical Transformations and the Rise of a New-Consciousness Novel in Egypt"
Email: myoussef@binghamton.edu

Lisa Yun
English and Asian and Asian American Studies, Fall 2014
"Testimonies and Debates of Transnational Trafficking: The Colonial Past and the Global Present"
Email: lisayun@binghamton.edu



Graduate Fellows

Natalia Andrievskikh
Comparative Literature, Spring 2015 
"Women, Food, and Fairy Tales in Literary Theory and Feminist Criticism"
Email: nandrie1@binghamton.edu

Erin Annis
History, Fall 2014 
"Imperial Families: Scots in the Eighteenth-Century British Empire"
Email: eannis1@binghamton.edu

Rochelle DuFord 
Philosophy, Fall 2014 
"Considering Global Government"
Email: rduford1@binghamton.edu

Deneil Hill
History, Spring 2015
"Shifting Feminist Visions at the UN: Self-Determination, Sexuality, and Human Rights, 1975-1995"
Email: dhill2@binghamton.edu

Isabel Palomo Merino
Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, Spring 2015 
"Detective Fiction and its Translation During the Franco Regime"
Email: ipalomo1@binghamton.edu

Deidre Riley
English and Medieval Studies, Fall 2014 
"Purgatories of the Mind: Punishment and Penance in Fourteenth-Century Middle English Texts"
Email: driley1@binghamton.edu

Yang Zhan
Anthropology, Spring 2015 
"The Heart of a Heartless World: Organized Gifting, NGO and the Virtue of Aixin in Post-socialist China"
Email: yzhan1@binghamton.edu

Dean's Research Fellow

Diana Gildea 
Fall 2014 
"Reproducing the Food/Body Regime"
Email: dgildea@binghamton.edu

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