IASH FELLOWS 2013-2014

Faculty Fellows

Abou El Haj, Barbara
Art History, Fall 2013, Spring 2014 
Lordship and Commune: A Comparative Study of Building and Decorating in Reims and Amiens
Email: abouel@binghamton.edu
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Chronopoulos, Tina
Classic and Near Eastern Studies, Spring 2014 
Aetas Horatiana: Reading Horace's Odes in Twelfth-Century England and France
Email: tchronop@binghamton.edu
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DeHaan, Heather
History, Fall 2013
In the Neighborhood of Empire: Baku Communities in the Interwar Period
Email: hdehaan@binghamton.edu
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Friedman, Randy 
Judaic Studies, Spring 2014
Gods of Becoming
Email: friedman@binghamton.edu
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Holmes, Olivia
English and CEMERS, Spring 2014 
Boccaccio and Exemplarity: Setting a Bad Example in the Decameron
Email: oholmes@binghamton.edu
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Hassoun, Nicole 
Philosophy, Fall 2013
Human Rights, Global Health, and the Rules of Trade
Email: nhassoun@binghamton.edu
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Laats, Adam
School of Education/ joint title in History, Fall 2013
The Other School Reformers: The Conservative Tradition in American Education
Email: alaats@binghamton.edu
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O'Hearn, Denis
Sociology, Spring 2014
Exilic Spaces and the World-Economy: Territorial and Structural Escape
Email: dohearn@binghamton.edu
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Schleuse, Paul 
Music, Spring 2014
Identity, Alterity, and Abstract Opera: Robert Wilson and Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach (1976–2012)
Email: schleuse@binghamton.edu

Wall, Brian 
Cinema, Fall 2013
What Cinema Isn't: Boredom, Blindness, and the Uncinematic
Email: bwall@binghamton.edu
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Wall, Wendy
History, Fall 2013
"To Wage the Peace": The 1965 Immigration Act and the Cold War Politics of Immigration Reform
Email: wwall@binghamton.edu
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Doctoral Fellows

Applegate, Matt
Comparative Literature, Fall 2013, Spring 2014 
Biopolitics and the Imperatives of Guerrilla Discourse: Partisanship, Power, and the Aesthetics of Resistance
Email: mappleg1@binghamton.edu

Jennings, Kristine
Comparative Literature, Fall 2013, Spring 2014 
Narcissistic Sensibilities
Email: kjennin1@binghamton.edu

Shin, Layoung 
Anthropology, Fall 2013 
"Performing Like a Star": Pop Culture and Sexuality among Young Women in Neoliberal South Korea
Email: lshin1@binghamton.edu

Tasdemir, Zehra
Sociology, Spring 2014
Capital, Nation-state and Nature: Oil and Reproducing Mosul in the Modern World Economy
Email: ztasdem1@binghamton.edu

Undergraduate Fellow

Ben-Ezra, Ilana 
History and Political Science, Fall 2013 
The Sixth Crusade: Antichrist, Fredrick II, and Muslims in Western Eschatology
Email: ibenezr1@binghamton.edu

Dean's Research Fellow

Gildea, Diana
Fall 2013, Spring 2014 
Reproducing the Food/Body Regime
Email: dgildea@binghamton.edu

Visiting Fellows

O'Hearn, Bilge Firat
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Infrastructure and Regional Integration around the Bosphorus: Material Futures or Political Dreamscapes?


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