Interviews with IASH Fellows

Assistant Professor Scott Henkle (English), competed for and won a spot at the October 2012 Berlin Roundtable with a paper presented at IASH in Spring 2012 "There are 2,000 Leaders': Swarm Democracy in the Haitian Revolution." Click here for a description of the October 2012 Berlin workshop. Scott is in Workshop # 2.

Assistant Professor Ana Ros (Romance Languages) completed and published the book she was working on while an IASH fellow, The Post-Dictatorship Generation in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. The book came out in June 2012.

Associate Professor Lisa Tessman is writing a book, “Moral Failure,” and will work on a chapter during the fall 2011 semester as part of a fellowship from Binghamton’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. | Read more

Assistant Professor Praseeda Gopinath critiques what she calls the “English gentleman ideal.” She has studied his roots in the British Empire for years, and is interested in how the ideal fragments and transforms in modern-day Great Britain as the Empire fades away. | Read more


Last Updated: 1/19/17