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IEEC-Sponsored Theses:    

Yu-Lin Hwang, MS Thesis, 1992, “An Adaptable Knowledge Base for Design for Manufacturability by Object-Oriented Approach.”

Rong Yang, MS Thesis, 1993, “Modeling the Flow of a Dense Slurry between Two Parallel Walls.”

Wei Lin, PhD Thesis, 1995, “High Quality Tour Hybrid Genetic Schemes for TSP Optimization Problems.”

Matthew John Aubrey, MS Thesis, 1996, “Boundary Restraint Characterization of Wedge Style Circuit Card Retainers.”

W.J. Fischer, MS Thesis, 1996, “Development of a Fiber-Filled Elastomer for Enhanced Conductive Cooling.”

I.R. Holub, MS Thesis, 1996, "Solder Shape and Fatigue Modeling."

Danwei Xue, PhD Thesis, 1997, “Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Electronic Packages.”

R.H. Fenton, MS Thesis, 2000, “A Technique for Modeling the Warpage of an Area Array Component.”

J.R. Rayner, MS Thesis, 2000, “Identification of Error Sources in Mechanical Measurements of Electronic Packages using MoirJ Interferometry.”

A. Sargent, PhD Thesis, 2000, “Kinetics, Mechanism and Detection of the Reactive Intermediates of Dimethylamine Borane in Electroless Gold Baths.”

M. Seus, MS Thesis, 2000, “Optical Measurement of Electronic Packages: Improvements to Existing Techniques.”

J. Weidler, MS Thesis, 2000, “Electrical Characteristics of an ACF Board.”

Vainateya, MS Thesis, 2000, “Simulation of Slip Defect Generation on Gallium Arsenide Wafers during a Molecular Beam Epitaxy Process using Finite Element Method.”

Susan Pitely, BS Honors Thesis, 2001, “Thermal Analysis of a Commercially Available Underfill and Several Sn-based Solder Intermetallics.”

Santosh A. Kudtarkar, MS Thesis, 2002, “Reliability Testing of Electrically Conductive Adhesives.”

Anupam Choubey, MS Thesis, 2003, “Study of Assembly Process for Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) Microdisplays.”

Hongwu Xu, PhD Thesis, 2003, “Development of Analytical Sensors for Measurements in Harsh Chemical Environment.”

Marvin Francis, MS Thesis, 2004, "Characterization of Interface Adhesion and Mechanical Properties in Electronics Packaging."

Satyajit S. Walwadkar, MS Thesis, 2004, “Tailoring of Stress Development in MEMS Packages.”

Satish Chaparala, PhD Thesis, 2006, “Die Stress Analysis in Plastic Encapsulated Electronic Packages – An Experimental and Numerical Approach.”

Hyungsuk Lee, MS Thesis, 2006, "Development of Parylene/PDMS Bi-layer Coating and Characterization Using Nanoindentation."

Harita Machiraju, MS Thesis, 2007, “Thermal Analysis and Design of a MEMS-Based Safety and Arming System.”

Frederick Ochanda, PhD Thesis, 2007, "Design and Fabrication of Nanostructured Materials from Electrospun Fiber Templates."

Ta-Hsuan Lin, PhD Thesis, 2008, “Assembly Process Development, Reliability and Numerical Assessment of Copper Column Flexible Flip Chip Technology.’

Siddharth Bhopte, PhD Thesis, 2009, “Study of Transport Processes from Macroscale to Microscale.”

Guangneng Zhang, PhD Thesis, 2008, "Deposition of Ceramic Thin Films from Aqueous Solutions at Low Temperatures."

Jasper Chiguma, PhD Thesis, 2009, "Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites Loaded with Nanotubes and Fibers for Electrical and Thermal Applications."

Dickson Andala, PhD Thesis, 2010, "Metal Oxide Nanostructures as Catalyts Supports from Electrospun Nanofibers."

Jessica Gendron, MS Thesis, 2010, "Development of Doped Zinc Oxide as a Transparent Conducting Electrode for Use in Solar Cells."

Yihua Liu, PhD Thesis, 2010, "Fabrication of Surfaces with Controlled Roughness by Electrochemical Methods."

Biplab Roy, PhD Thesis, 2010, "Electrodeposition of Titania and Barium Titanate Thin Films for High Dielectric Applications."

Harry Schoeller, PhD Thesis, 2011, "Mechanical Behavior of High Temperature Interconnects and the Superplasticity of 85Pb-10Sb-5Sn."

Fred Wafula, PhD Thesis, 2011, "Electroanalytical Approaches to Understand and Control Voiding Sporadically Occurring in Solder Joints with Electroplated Cu."

Shun Su, PhD Thesis, 2012, "The Development of Computational Models for Studying Wetting, Evaporation and Thermal Transport for Small Scale Systems Packaging Applications."


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