Faculty/Staff and Research Associates

Research Associates

Binghamton University Faculty and Staff Partners

Paul Gould, LCSW, PhD, Department of Social Work

Josephine Allen, Department of Social Work

Jill Andrews, Decker School of Nursing

Cassandra Bransford, Department of Social Work 

Suk-Young Kang, Department of Social Work

Mohammad T. Khasawneh – Watson - Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Youjung Lee, Department of Social Work

Ken McLeod, Department of Bioengineering

Carolyn Pierce, Decker School of Nursing and Department of Bioengineering

Myra Sabir, Department of Human Development

J. David Schaffer , Department of Bioengineering

Victoria Rizzo, Depart of Social Work

Terrence Deak, Department of Psychology 

Dan McCormack, College of Community and Public Affairs

Kim Evanoski, Department of Social Work

IFIS Physician Partners

James Crosby, Associate Professor of Family Medicine; Director, Geriatric Fellowship

Rajesh Davè,  Executive Vice President, United Health Services; Dean, Upstate Medical University Binghamton Clinical Campus

Jerold Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Bill Thomas, Clinical Assistant Professor, Upstate Medical University; Professor of Aging Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Founder, Eden Alternative, Green House Project

Maria Brown, Syracuse University

Community Partners

Jamie Kelly, Director, Broome County Office for Aging and Aging Futures Consortium

Cory Jacobs, Vice President of Development, United Methodist Homes

Chuck Schwerin, CEO, Sonostics

Kris Marks, United Health Services

Last Updated: 6/16/15