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A Conversation With Prof. Ali A. Mazrui revolves around Mwalimu Mazrui's views on a) the impact of oil discovery in Kenya, b) Kenya's war against Al Shabaab militants in Somalia, c) the role of ICC in Kenyan politics, and d) Kibaki's legacy.

Footage from the following sources was used in making this mini-documentary: Kenya Television Network (KTN), Getty images, ICC TV, Google images, You Tube, Duke of Edinburgh. This footage is used under the Fair Use Act. No copyright is claimed.

THE AFRICANS: A TRIPLE HERITAGE — Dr. Ali Mazrui is the host and writer of this highly acclaimed nine-part series which examines the complexities of a continent influenced by its indigenous roots, Islam and European Christianity and culture. This series was produced by WETA and the BBC in association with the Nigerian Television Authority. For more information, see its web page at the site of The Annenberg/CPB Collection or at PBS OnLine. The PBS Adult Learning Center also offers a course listing of The Africans detailing the history and contemporary life of Africa through its triple heritage.

The College of New Jersey's African American Studies Department provides a detailed summary of three Africa documentaries:africatsm

  • Dr. Ali A. Mazrui's The Africans: A Triple Heritage
  • Basil Davidson's Africa: A Voyage of Discovery
  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s Wonders of the African World also featured by PBS on the World Wide Web.

Television and Radio

IGCS staff are often available to members of the broadcast media as part of the IGCS effort to raise public awareness on issues relating to the role of culture in society and politics. Some of the broadcast channels on which IGCS founder Dr. Ali Mazrui has spoken are the Voice of America, the BBC, Australian Broadcasting, as well as interviews or reports in broadcast media in the USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Norway, Barbados, Denmark, France, Malaysia, Britain, Jamaica, Pakistan, Iran, Senegal, Zimbabwe, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, etc.

Professor Ali A. Mazrui 3/13/13 Voice of America Interview see 17:29 forward

Dr. Thomas Uthup Interviewed by Turkish TV December 3, 2012 
Building Bridges Gateway Program with Dr. Thomas Uthup, Founder of Friends of the UN Alliance of Civilizations.

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