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The following newsletters are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat which can be obtained from Adobe website.

Volume 11, Issue 1 Spring 2014 (.pdf, 5860 KB)

Volume 10, Issue 1 Spring 2013 (.pdf, 7708 KB)

Volume 9, Issue 1 Winter 2012 (.pdf, 5831 KB)

Volume 8, Issue 1 Fall 2010 — Special Edition (.pdf, 4073 KB)

Volume 7, Issue 1 Spring 2008 (.pdf, 1608 KB)

Volume 6, Issue 1 Fall 2006 (.pdf, 766 KB) 

Volume 5, Issue 1 Winter 2004–2005 (.pdf, 193 KB)

Volume 4, Issue 1 Winter 2003 (.pdf,3732 KB)

Volume 3, Issues 1–2 Winter 2001–02 (.pdf, 2244 KB)

Volume 2, Issue 1 Winter 2000 (.pdf, 1489 KB)

Fully-illustrated IGCS newsletter:

Volume 1, Issue 1 Fall 1998 — Online edition

Printer-friendly unillustrated version: Vol. I, Issue 1 Fall 1998


All these newsletters are in pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be found at the Adobe website

Newsletter 32.pdf (.pdf, 1218KB)

Newsletter 31.pdf (.pdf, 1935KB)

Newsletter 30.pdf (.pdf, 7079KB)

Newsletter 29.pdf (.pdf, 586KB)

Special Edition Newsletter.pdf (.pdf, 63KB)

Newsletter 27.pdf (.pdf, 208KB)

Newsletter 26.pdf (.pdf, 165KB)

Newsletter 25.pdf (.pdf,145KB)

Newsletter 24.pdf (.pdf, 113KB)

Newsletter 23.pdf (.pdf, 114KB)

Newsletter 22.pdf (.pdf, 105KB)

Newsletter 21.pdf (.pdf, 78KB)

Newsletter 20.pdf (.pdf, 74KB)

Newsletter 19.pdf (.pdf, 101KB)

Newsletter 18.pdf (.pdf, 81KB)

Newsletter 17.pdf (.pdf, 104KB)

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