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*Important Note: PSYC 362 (formerly Physiological Psychology) will now be called Behavioral Neuroscience. There has been no change to the course number, content, structure, or how it will count in the major. The change simply better reflects the connection of this course to the field, the department, and the matching lab offering.


Fall 2015:     Approved Integrative Neuroscience Seminars

The following seminars can count toward Junior/Senior Seminar Core Requirement

Course #











The Diseased Brain   Bishop   W   4 credits


Comparative Psychology            Morrissey                    4 credits


Comparative Psychology    Morrissey   W   4 credits


Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience   Van Petten           4 credits
PSYC 473J          Hormones and Behavior   Romero    W   4 credits      


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders   Diaz       4 credits
BIOL 480A*    Biology of Aids (Type A)   Horwath       2 credits
BIOL 480B*   Pathophysiology of Cell Death (Type A)   Baust       2 credits
BIOL 483A   Mechmsm Microb Pathogen   Sauer       4 credits
BIOL 483B   Reproductive Biology   Michael       4 credits
BIOL 483J   Case Hist Biotech/Bioethics   Baust       4 credits


  • *This is a 4-credit requirement:
    ONE approved Integrative Neuroscience or Biology Seminar (4 credits) or TWO approved Biology 480 Seminars (2 credits each)
  • Students admitted in fall 2007 or later can only take BIOL 451 (formerly 480S) once.
    (If you were admitted prior to fall 2007, then BIOL 480S is a repeatable course.)
  • ^ Biology courses can be taken for Type A or B credit (depending on faculty member) and Psychology seminars can count in the elective section but they cannot count as both a seminar and an elective. Ex. A student could take PSYC 473K for their approved seminar and BIOl 480B to count towards upper level and Type A electives. See advisor for clarification as to how courses will count and to process exceptions so that courses will appear on DARS or DW audits.

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 ***List of Fall 2015 Elective Offerings (pdf, 199.4kb)


Biology Course Restrictions: None

***Courses cross-listed under the BCHM (Biochemistry) will be restricted to CHEM and BCHM majors only. The BIOL versions of these courses will not be restricted.

But there reasons you might not be able to register:

  • You don't have the pre-reqs for the course (check pre-reqs before registration starts - they are listed in the course description).
  • There is another restriction you don't meet (check the RST column for restrictions, click on the R to see what they actually are).


Questions regarding integrative neuroscience major requirements?

Stop by the Integrative Neuroscience Program Advising Office S4-230B or email



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