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Help With Your Income Tax Forms
Income Tax Basics
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Tax Refunds
Common Mistakes When Reporting Income
Obtain a Copy of Previous Years Income Tax Forms
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Student's Questions About Glacier Tax Prep

Help With Your Income Tax Forms

Help with Completing Your Tax Forms

Income Tax Webcasts

What to Do if You Had No US Income During Tax Year 2012

Information For Tax Residents

Income Tax Basics

The Danger of Filing Improper Income Tax Forms

Watch Out For Fake IRS E-Mails

What's New For Tax Year 2012

Introduction to U.S. Income Tax Regulations

How to Obtain Income Tax Forms

Assembling and Mailing Income Tax Forms

Consequences of Not Filing Tax Forms

Obtaining an Extension of the Deadline for Filing Income Tax Forms

Social Security (FICA) and Medicare Withholding

Savings and Investments

Income Tax Benefits for Spouses and Dependents

Tax Forms

Should I File Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR EZ?

Form 8843

Academic Information for Form 8843

Form 1099-G

Form W-2, Form 1042-S and Income Tax Withholding When You Are Employed

How to Obtain a Duplicate W-2 Form

Line by Line Comparison of Forms 1040NR EZ, 1040NR and IT 203

Form 1099 MISC

Higher Education Tax Benefits and Form 1098-T

New York State Sales Tax Liability for Form IT-203

Tax Payer Identification Numbers - Form W-7

How To File an Amended Tax Return - Form 1040X

Form W-8 BEN

Completing Forms I-9, W-4 and IT 2104

New York State Tax Forms and Publications

Tax Treaties

Tax Treaties- Read Me First!

Tax Treaties Based on a U.S.-Sourced Scholarship or Fellowship

Tax Treaties Based on U.S. Salaries or Wages

The U.S. Tax Treaty with India

Tax Treaties for J Scholars and Faculty (non-students)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Tax Refunds

Income Tax Refunds
Sales Tax Refunds

Common Mistakes When Reporting Income

Common Mistakes When Reporting Income

Obtain a Copy of Previous Years Income Tax Forms

How to Request a Copy of a Previous Year's Income Tax Form

Tax Links

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Federal Income Tax Forms and Publications

New York State Tax Department

Tax Forms From Other States
Federation of Tax Administrators

Tax Treaty Information
Internal Revenue Service,,id=96739,00.html

Tax Treaty Information
Windstar Technologies, Inc

The Windstar site features articles and reference information on a number of topics of interest to international students, including:
--U.S. taxation of foreign students and scholars: A road map to an individual's tax return
--U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students and Scholars
--Tax Treaty Benefits for Foreign Student and Scholars: How Tax Treaties Work
--The complete text of each country's tax treaty with the U.S.

University of Texas at Austin Self-Help Tax Website

University of Pennsylvania Tax Website

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