Forms for Downloading by International Students and Scholars

Graduate School:  

  • Declaration of Candidacy Form
    (on-line form to be used by graduate students to declare intention to graduate).  
    The form may be accessed through the Commencement Web Page. Select the appropriate semester, click on “requirements/registration and follow the instructions for Declaration of Candidacy.  The form must be completed during the semester in which you plan to graduate. Deadline dates for filing are available here.  If you complete the Declaration but fail to graduate, you must complete the form again when you intend to complete your degree.
  • Leave of Absence Form for Graduate Students

International Student and Scholar Services:

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Registrar's Office:

  • Application for Undergraduate Degree
    This application is available through the BU BRAIN. You will find it on the Student Tab, under Student Records.  (to be used by undergraduate students and submitted by the drop deadline of the semester prior to the one in which you plan to complete your requirements for graduation)

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Student Affairs:

Undergraduate Admissions:

  • Re-enrollment Form
    (to be used by previously enrolled undergraduates who missed a Fall or Spring semester)

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Last Updated: 4/12/16