Procedure for Student/Scholar/Faculty to Change Address/E-Mail Form:

Federal SEVIS regulations require F and J students, scholars and faculty (including students who have graduated but are on optional practical or academic training) to notify the ISSS within ten days of any change in your U.S. address.

By reporting this change through BU Brain, it will be updated into SEVIS and you do not have to file a separate AR-11 form with the Department of Homeland Security.

You may also use BU Brain to report a new e-mail address.

Click on the following link to update your address or e-mail address in BU Brain:

Here are instructions for using BU Brain to make the updates:

1. Click on 'LOG IN BU Brain'.
 2. You will be directed to the following page. Here, click on 'Login to BU BRAIN Self-Service'.

direct login

3. Enter your PODS ID and Password to login.


4. After logging in, click on the 'My Information' tab.

 My info tab

5. To update your address,
Click on (1.) Update Addresses and Phone number
To update your email
Click on (2.) Update Admissions Email Address


6. Update Address by clicking on 'Current' under Local Address



7. The following page will open. You can now enter your new address in the text fields, scroll down and click on 'Submit'.

update pg
8. To update your Email Id, click on your existing email. You can then edit the data in the textbox and enter your new email address.

Update email

If you have any questions or problems, please contact

Last Updated: 8/28/14