Getting Good Grades

On Tuesday, August 28th, you will have the opportunity to attend a special workshop, Getting Good Grades. You will meet university staff and successful international students who will share with you strategies for academic success.

Information about strategies that will help you do well academically can also be found at the links to your left.  You can also learn about the academic support programs at Binghamton University and how you can receive services from the Writing Center, Discovery Programs, Center for Teaching and Learning, BU Libraries, the Counseling Center and the English As A Second Language program.

The first links you want to review are Vocabulary You Need to Knowand "Advice from Faculty and Advisors". This will help you understand some of the terms describing what may be unfamiliar academic support programs at Binghamton University.

We hope you find the information on these web pages helpful, especially if you have questions about:

  • Professor’s Expectations for Classroom Participation
  • Understanding Your Course Readings
  • How to Get Help with Coursework 
  • Tutoring and Test Preparation
  • How to Prepare for Mid-terms and Final Exams

And you want to find out about:

  • Academic Support Programs
  • How to Manage Your Time
  • How to Improve Your English

This web page contains much of the information shared with new international students during International Student Orientation. The following is what a current Binghamton University undergraduate international student had to say about the “Getting Good Grades” workshop series, offered during International Student Orientation:

“I was able to obtain first-hand advice from faculty and staff on how to approach class discussions, assignments, and papers.  In addition, I received important information about the numerous resources available on campus, such as, the Writing Center and the Discovery Program, which are designed to help students achieve excellence in their studies…  It was comforting to know that I was not alone!“

The information on these web pages was prepared for you by a team consisting of ISSS and Dual Diploma Programs staff, Writing Center and English As a Second Language staff, Discovery program staff, BU Library staff, faculty, and experienced international graduate and undergraduate students.

Still have questions?  Write us at and we will assist you.

Last Updated: 8/28/14