Understanding Your Health Fee

Programs and services at the Decker Student Health Services Center are in large part supported by the health fee. Since the fee is pre-paid, no charge is incurred for the office visit, nor are any fees charged for health education programs or materials. A few medications and common medical supplies are provided at no cost when ordered by Health Services Center clinicians. If the Health Services Center does not carry a necessary medication, the Decker student is given a prescription to purchase the medication at a local drugstore.

A private laboratory under contract to the campus completes most laboratory work. Laboratory hours for blood work are 9:30 – 10:30 am, Monday through Friday. Students are responsible for any laboratory bills. Many times the costs can be covered under your health insurance.

The health fee is intended to ease the financial burden in times of illness and to assure that a student who is ill or injured will seek medical care without regard to cash on hand. The health fee is paid each semester and during the summer if you need to have care during that period.

  • The health fee should not be confused with health insurance. The health fee covers on campus care only. Any bills from off-campus providers or laboratory can be submitted to your insurance for payment. To reduce the co-payment amount, obtain a referral code from Health Services to submit when you are referred off campus.

Additional information about health services available to you can be found on our web site! Please visit us at:

You are also welcome to call us at (607) 777-2221 or email with any questions or concerns.


Read the information about PPD tuberculin tests carefully. This is an important part of your health form. There is a high rate of positive skin tests in our international population and a chest x-ray is often ordered in this circumstance. A delay in obtaining your skin test could lead to course registration delays if a chest x-ray is necessary. Please have your skin test done at orientation or visit the Decker Student Health Services Center as soon as possible.

Last Updated: 8/28/14