State University Police

International students who are concerned about the safety of university premises will be glad to know that the New York State University Police maintains a branch on campus to ensure the safety of the campus community. University Police is housed in the basement floor of the Couper Administration Building and is operational 24-hours a day, seven days a week. University Police is staffed by trained, NYS certified, police officers, dedicated to ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors of the university.

Be Safe, Be Alert, Be Prepared: University Police provides valuable support and timely assistance in addressing the safety concerns relating to students. Some of the services provided by the department are listed below:

  • In case of an emergency: Call 607-777-2222 to reach University Police. If you are calling from an on-campus land line, call 7-2222 or dial 911. Staff answering this phone number will direct your call. If you cannot remember the emergency number you can always call 911 from a cell phone and be connected to Broome County Dispatch who can redirect your call to the University Police.
  • In case of a non-emergency (or) any other matter: call 607-777-2393
  • Blue Light Emergency Telephones: More than 70 highly visible outdoor phones encased in Yellow boxes for emergency use are connected directly to the University Police Dispatcher.
  • Security Access Telephones: Security access telephones are located outside the main entrance of each residence hall. Guests, visitors, or delivery persons can call students to let them know they are waiting outside the hall. Residents are responsible for meeting these callers and escorting them while they are in the building. Telephones are also located in every elevator on campus.
  • Escort Program: On-campus escorts are available to all members of the University community each night, between 9:00pm and 1:00pm, during the academic year. Officers will provide escort services at other times. Escorts receive special training and carry radios for communication with the Police. Call 607-777-2393 to arrange an escort.
  • Student Escort Van: An escort van is available to provide escort transportation via a predetermined route on campus from 9:00pm to 3:00am. Students may use the van by waiting for it along the escort van route, or by calling 777-SAFE. A map of this route is available from the university police department.
  • Residence Halls: All residence hall doors are locked on a 24-hour basis.
  • Educational Programs: In addition to the above programs and services, the University Police offers educational programs on issues including alcohol and other substance abuse, fire safety, other dimensions of personal safety and related topics.
  • Rave Emergency Alert System:

Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system which is capable of delivering messages to your University and personal e-mail addresses, as well as to your cell phone. Students will receive a welcome e-mail as they enroll at the University, with instructions for reviewing and managing contact information within Rave. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to register for the service.

If you want to receive text notifications, you will need to log in to enter or verify your cell phone number and provider. Otherwise, you will be notified of emergency situations only via e-mail. Note that your cell phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone.

  • For more information, visit the New York State University Police website –

Last Updated: 8/28/14