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F-1 Student’s Directions for Application for Extension of Stay

This checklist will assist you in preparing your application for an Extension of Stay.

You need to submit to the ISSS:

* Academic Advisor’s Form for Extension of Stay – You and your advisor need to answer all questions on the form. Your advisor is the only person who can complete the Advisor’s Section of the form. If your advisor is not available contact us at

* Financial Documentation: Financial documentation can be brought to the ISSS office, sent as an email scan or faxed to the attention of Karen Keefe-Guzikowski, at 607-777-2889. Originals of these documents must also be mailed to our office.

o Financial Documentation can be any of the following, or a combination:

§ Recent personal bank statement (issued within the last 3 months)

   · Your full name must be on the statement as account owner

§ Certificates of Deposit Statement in your name

§ Funding Letter covering the period of the extension from your academic department or program

§ Stock Certificates in your name

* If you have a financial sponsor, such as a parent or relative, you need to submit:

§ Sponsor’s recent bank statement

§ A letter or affidavit of support in English from sponsor stating their relationship to you and confirming that they will support you while you are a student at Binghamton University (see below for an example of a Letter of Support)

   · Letter or Affidavit of Support must be current

§ If your financial sponsor is a permanent resident or a US citizen, and lives in the United States, your sponsor needs to also fill out Form I-134 Affidavit of Support

· Proof of Sponsor’s Certificate of Deposit

§ Sponsor’s Stock Certificates

* If your sponsor is faxing a bank statement or other financial documents to us they must attach a cover sheet that includes your name noting that the document is for your extension application. We cannot match the financials to your extension application unless the sponsor tells us the name of the student they are supporting.


Letter of Support Example:


To Whom It May Concern:

I (Sponsor or family member's name) will provide financial support for (Student's name) while they are enrolled in Binghamton University. I am the student's: (relationship of sponsor or family member to the student).


Name of sponsor or family member

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Last Updated: 9/3/13