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  ISSS-BU News                                            15 February 2013                                                      ISSS-BU News
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ISSS Announces Availability of GLACIER Tax Prep

If you were present in F-1, F-2, J-1 or J-2 status in the United States during any portion of calendar year 2012 (even for just a few days) you are required to file an income tax form with the US Internal Revenue Service, even if you had no US income!

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services is pleased to announce the availability of GLACIER Tax Prep free of charge to BU international students, alumni, scholars and faculty. GLACIER Tax Prep is a web-based income tax preparation system designed exclusively for international students, scholars and faculty who file forms 1040NR EZ, 1040NR and form 8843 as Non-Residents for tax purposes. GLACIER Tax Prep computes and prints the required federal income tax forms, for you to send to the US Department of the Treasury via postal mail. We are pleased to offer this product, because with GLACIER Tax Prep, you can be anywhere in the world, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can complete your tax forms, and then mail them.

How do I use GLACIER Tax Prep?

In order to useGLACIER Tax Prep, you must first be assigned a validGLACIER Tax Prep access code. A new access code is needed each year. There is a process to be assigned a valid access code. If you are a current F or J student, there are full instructions for accessing GLACIER Tax Prep, with screen shots, at this link: At the ISSS login services page,, you will go to this link only once, to be authenticated for an access code.You will enter your BU User ID and PODS Password, and with that authentication, you will be taken to the GLACIER Tax Prep web page, and can immediately begin to use GLACIER.

If you are a former student or former J-1 scholar, or a current Binghamton J-1 scholar, please send an email message to to request a temporary ID for GLACIER Tax Prep. Include your full name, your current status (former student, former J-1 scholar, current J-1 scholar) and your date of birth. A temporary ID for GLACIER Tax Prep will be assigned to you within one-two business days of your request, and you will receive further instructions via e-mail for how to obtain the one time, GLACIER Tax Prep access code.

If you have any difficulty logging in, send an email message to Be sure to provide your full name as listed in University records, your date of birth, and whether you are an F student, a J student or a J student, research scholar or professor. We will then email you full log-in instructions.

Please note: If you used GLACIER Tax Prep last year to file your 2011 income tax forms, then once you have authenticated your new access code for this year, you can just log into GLACIER Tax Prep with your Glacier user id and password from last year. But, if you did not use GLACIER Tax Prep last year to file your 2011 income tax forms, you will need to create a new account. Once you have authenticated your access code for this year and created your own unique user id and password for GLACIER Tax Prep, you can then log into GLACIER and begin to use it.

Who may use Glacier Tax Prep?
The following individuals are eligible to use Glacier Tax Prep:

Note: F-1 or J-1 students who have been in that status for more than five years (2007 or earlier) and J-1 scholars and faculty who have been in that status for more than two years (2010 or earlier) are considered to be RESIDENTS for tax purposes, and should file federal RESIDENT tax forms. Such students and scholars will not be able to use Glacier Tax Prep, since the software is not designed to compute or print resident tax information. Instead, students may wish to make use of free e-filing for resident tax forms available at: or purchase commercial software products for resident taxpayers such as Turbo Tax or Tax Cut, or seek assistance from tax volunteers or paid tax preparers.

Will I Be E-Filing My Federal Income Tax Forms by Using GLACIER Tax Prep?
No! Federal non-resident tax forms cannot be e-filed. GLACIER Tax Prep will provide you with pdf copies of your federal returns along with mailing instructions for them.

What about State Income Tax Forms?
Glacier Tax Prep is designed to prepare and produce only federal non-resident forms. Glacier Tax Prep does not complete state income tax forms. Other options include viewing an ISSS-sponsored on-line webcast, or using a qualified volunteer or professional tax preparation preparer. Please go to the following web link for details: Information on webcasts will be posted in late February.

Let us know what you think of Glacier Tax Prep!

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Last Updated: 2/18/13