Congratulations on your admission to Binghamton University. You have been offered a terrific opportunity to fulfill your academic goals at one of the top universities in the United States.

New undergraduate students at Binghamton University (except freshmen) have the option of living off campus. Since University housing is limited to undergraduates, graduate students must live off-campus. To assist you in this transition, Off Campus College is available to assist you in finding a place to live in the community surrounding Binghamton University. This fact sheet is to inform you of what you can do to find a place to live and if you wish to find someone to live with while attending Binghamton University.

Since most off-campus housing is located on or near a bus route, transportation is usually not a problem. Students may ride the public bus service (Broome County Transit) and the independent Off Campus College Transport free of charge, by showing their Binghamton University ID card, as a benefit of your university transportation fee.

Visit the Off Campus College webpage at for information on off campus housing. We have an extensive housing list, apartment complex listing, a link to the local newspaper, and a listing of current students who are looking for someone to fill a vacancy in their rental unit. If you arrive early and wish to stay at a hotel/motel, visit for information.

If you will seek off-campus housing, try to arrive one to two weeks prior to the beginning of the orientation program to familiarize yourself with the University and the local community. International Student Orientation has proven to be a very valuable opportunity to meet other new students who are trying to make arrangements for housing. Many of our new students choose to find an apartment off campus together.

While Off Campus College does not make living arrangements for off-campus students, we do provide students with information on what is available. Students will then need to contact the landlords (or other students if searching for potential housemates) directly. For your convenience, and at your request, we will review your lease prior to you signing with a landlord free of charge.

Our student organization (OCC Council) maintains "Student Opinions of Landlords", which are a collection of documents from students and former students and their experiences with various landlords in the community. These documents can only be viewed in the Off Campus College office and the information within cannot be sent via fax, e-mail, or telephone. When possible, we do encourage you to view these documents prior to signing a lease.

I hope that we can make your transition to living off-campus very smooth and enjoyable. Please forward any questions or comments to: or call (607) 777-2768. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to assist you.

David R. Husch, Director
Off Campus College

Last Updated: 4/12/16