Enclosed is information regarding housing at Binghamton University. Be sure to read the information carefully before making your decision on where you will live. University housing is available only to undergraduate students. As an international student, university housing may seem like the easiest option for your living needs in an unfamiliar country and/or city. However, University and off-campus housing offer their own unique and distinct advantages.

UNIVERSITY HOUSING (UNDERGRADUATES ONLY): University housing offers the advantages of its proximity and convenience to classrooms, dining services, the library and other campus facilities and services. In addition, staff members are available in each residential complex to assist students with any needs, questions or concerns.

To apply for on-campus housing you must be accepted to the University, pay the required deposit, and request on-campus housing on the admissions paperwork.

First-year freshmen are housed in one of the 24 undergraduate residence halls. If your class level is above that of a freshman, you may apply to live in one of the apartment communities (Hillside or Susquehanna). Information about all the residence halls and the apartment communities can be found at

NOTE: There are times during the academic year when most of the residence halls close – for example, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. If you need on campus housing during those times, you must request BREAK HOUSING when you apply for housing. Break Housing is offered (depending on space availability) in the apartment housing in Hillside and Susquehanna Communities as well as Delaware Hall in Newing College, Mohawk Hall in College-in-the-Woods, and Windham Hall in Mountainview College.

Once you pay your deposit (a $200 non-refundable housing deposit is included in the $350 new student enrollment deposit), you will receive information on how to access your Binghamton University e-mail account. You will then receive notification at your Binghamton University e-mail address that you can go on-line to complete the housing preference form. It is during this time that you indicate which community you prefer and if you need break housing.

You will then receive notification of your housing assignment via your BU e-mail address prior to the opening of the University for the Fall 2012 semester.

Once housed, if you wish to cancel your assignment, a request to cancel must be made within 14 calendar days of notification of housing assignment until August 29, 2012. A request to cancel after this deadline and/or August 29, 2012 will be denied if the student is enrolled at BU; he or she will be required to pay the entire room charge for the fall and spring semesters.

After you pay your enrollment deposit, be sure to check your BU e-mail account periodically for important information from the University and Residential Life! For answers to your university housing questions, contact: Office of Residential Life: (607)777-2321, Fax (607)777-4350, or E-mail: Also review the information on the web:


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