Notice for New International Students

PPD Tuberculin Skin Tests and/or chest x-rays must be performed in the United States or Canada.


It has long been a concern among college health professionals that there is inconsistency in other countries as to the actual product used for PPD testing and in the interpretation of responses to the test. The local health department in Binghamton has recommended that we accept only those skin tests or x-rays performed in this country or Canada.

After careful consideration and consultation with several other offices, including the Office of International Student and Scholar Services Binghamton University agreed to follow that recommendation.

What Happens Now?

You will be visiting the Decker Student Health Services Center during or before International Student Orientation to have your completed health forms reviewed. If you require a skin test, we will provide that for you at no cost. Nurses will interpret the result two or three days later. If your result is considered "positive", you will be sent for a chest x-ray and may be offered preventive medication. There is no problem with your attendance at school! If you are found to actually have active tuberculosis (not likely), you might be kept out of classes for a short time until your medicine makes you non-infectious to others. Once that is certain, you will be allowed to return to classes.


If you have questions about this requirement or wish further information, check the Decker Student Health Services Center web site: You can e-mail us at Business hours during the academic year are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:45 pm (3:45pm during the summer).

The fax number at Health Services is 607-777-2881 if you wish to send your questions in writing or your health form in advance – you may also e-mail your health forms as an attachment to:

We look forward to meeting you when you visit us during International Student Orientation and can answer many of your questions at that time also.


Johann Fiore-Conte
Director of Health & Counseling Services

November 28, 2011 revised

Last Updated: 8/28/14